Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daniels Was Using Purdue E-Mail Address Months Before Becoming Its President

There was a lot of talk at the time about the propriety of Purdue's Board of Trustees, made up primarily of appointees of former Gov. Mitch Daniels, voting to select him as the university's new president at a time he still had nearly six months left to serve as the state's governor. An interesting fact discerned by the Journal-Gazette's Niki Kelly from those e-mail exchanges that landed former Supt. Tony Bennett in hot water is that Daniels had started using a Purdue e-mail account in October, 2012, at least three months before leaving office.


Anonymous said...

Can't politicians pay for their own
private e-mail service at $46 a month from AT&T when engaging in personal/political dialogues?

guy77money said...

Or maybe a free gmail account from google.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon, I think even non-public email can still be picked up off the state servers when sent from state computers if someone tries hard enough.