Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bisard To Victims: "Didn't You Hear My Siren"

One of the fortunate victims of Officer David Bisard's fatal alcohol crash that killed one motorcyclist and left two others seriously injured describes an angry Bisard stepping out of his police car after the crash and yelling at the victims, "didn't we hear his siren?" Fox59 News' quotes George Burt as describing Bisard's shouted words "like he was Moses trying to part the red sea, and some how God had failed to move us out of his way." That was part of what Burt wrote in a letter to Mayor Greg Ballard. Burt makes a personal plea to Ballard to "take politics out of the picture and to let his heart do what is really right." Burt walked away from that fatal crash unharmed on August 6. Later, it was determined Bisard's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was more than double the legal limit, but the prosecutor's office says the test results can't be used in a criminal case against him because police failed to collect the evidence in accordance with Indiana law. Alcohol-related charges against Bisard have been dropped, but he still faces serious felony reckless homicide charges.


Marycatherine Barton said...

What a horrendous experience for Burt. What he reports about Bisard's angry retort at the scene of the crime, sounds like that of a mean drunk cop, who might have run into the cyclists out of spite for their being in his way. Sure hope not, and all fair minded people stand with Mr. Burt's personal plea to Ballard.

Jacobson said...

Question-What about the in-car police video? Will that come in to play sometime? I would think it might show some interesting video of his reaction time.