Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Durham Taken Into Custody By FBI In Los Angeles

Fox 59 News is reporting that the FBI has taken Tim Durham into custody for questioning in Los Angeles today. See video above. Fox 59 News describes his business empire as being in a state of collapse. The report indicates that the feds visited restaurants owned by Durham prior to today in search of incriminating evidence. Fox 59 News attempted to obtain a reaction from one of Durham's closest friends, Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who did not respond to press inquiries on the matter. If you have information about any of Durham's business activities that you would like to report to the FBI, call 1-800-CALL FBI. Advance Indiana understands that members of Ohio's Amish community may be the unlikely victims here as investors in Fair Finance. The high interest certificates of investment offered by the company were enticing to some investors, but they are not insured deposits like a bank offers.

UPDATE: A criminal defense attorney for Durham, John Tompkins, confirms that Durham was questioned by FBI agents in LA yesterday, but he says he was never taken into custody as suggested by Fox 59 News' report last night.


artfuggins said...

This should put an end to Democrat Brian Williams campaign for mayor. Williams claims to be in business with Durham.

Mely's Rugs said...

What kind of parasite defrauds the Amish?

Mely's Rugs said...

In this CNBC photo spread of the super wealthy Tim Durham talks about making money and the future.