Friday, November 06, 2009

Fort Hood Hero Kimberly Munley

Alas, it was a woman, Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who bravely came to the rescue of her fellow soldiers and shot terrorist Maj. Nidal Hasan to bring an end to the savage carnage he wrought on his fellow American Army soldiers at Ft. Hood yesterday. Munley took a bullet from Hasan in the process of gunning him down with four shots but is expected to recover fully. President Barack Hussein Obama warned Americans not to jump to conclusions over why this happened. "What we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the valiant men and women who came under attack yesterday," the president said. The Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee's Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network put out this statement today on yesterday's terrorist attack:

“As Indianapolis residents react to the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, it’s important to understand these were the actions of one troubled individual, and these acts contradict the true teachings of the Islamic faith. Indianapolis’ cultural fabric includes a compassionate, educated Muslim population whose many contributions to this community are abundant, and whose positive impact is undeniable. To blame anyone other than the gunman himself for these shootings, or to direct hate and harassment toward our Muslim neighbors throughout this city, would be an act of ignorance.

“The RCRLN’s vision of Indianapolis is as a mosaic of harmonious communities
co-existing and cooperating to enhance human dignity and equality. This can only occur when we work together to foster good relationships among diverse populations.”
Believe it or not, CNN's Wolf Blitzer is having a conversation with an American Muslim who is blaming intolerance in the American military towards Muslims for the mass killing at Fort Hood yesterday. Yeah, I knew it. It's all our fault. Another interesting development. Hasan purchased what are known as "cop killer" bullets to arm his two handguns he used in yesterday's attack.


Downtown Indy said...

I continue to be amazed at the constant stream of folks who have taken up the Muslim faith but seem to 'contradict the true teachings.'

There evidently are a whole bunch of lousy teachers out there.

Cathy Sue said...

I'm just wondering why you started your commentary with "alas"-as in "alas it was a woman who bravely..."
Alas means sadly... why sadly? This woman soldier demonstrated in an excellent way, all she had been trained to do. She responded quickly,with skill, and as you mentioned, bravely. Again, why "alas"

swan said...

Bravo to Kimberly Munley, for bravely, under fire, stopping the murderous terrorism that Dr. Hasan was inflicting today. I wonder how many lives she saved.

Sir Hailstone said...

I heard the same line of crap about how it's our fault on National Politburo Radio.

I can't believe a portion of my tax dollars (albeit small) supports that bunch of loons.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's the irony, Jane. Muslims treat women as second class citizens throughout the world and are offended that they are permitted to serve in our U.S. military. Hasan murdered U.S. soldiers because he didn't want them fighting Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. A brave female soldier took him down. There's nothing but respect shown here to Munley for her brave actions.

Unknown said...

Sgt. Munley is NOT military. She is a civilian police officer.