Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hasan Attended Same Mosque As 9/11 Terrorists

The American news media may be a little slow to piece the facts together that make it pretty clear religion played a role in Major Nidal Hasan's decision to execute 13 of his fellow Army soldiers and shoot another 30 on Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, but the foreign press is confirming my belief that this was a home-grown act of Muslim terrorism. Here are the pertinent facts from The Telegraph about Hisan that shed light on Thursday's massacre:

  • Hasan attended the same mosque as two of the 9/11 terrorists, the controversial Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia.
  • Hasan attended the controversial mosque at the same time two of the 9/11 hijackers attended services there.
  • Hasan had great admiration for the mosque's iman at the time, Anwar al-Awlaki, who has been accused of supporting attacks on British soliders and backing terrorist organizations.
  • Awlaki ran a mosque in Los Angeles before moving to the Great Falls mosque in January, 2001 where another one of the 9/11 terrorists attended services. Two of the 9/11 hijackers started attending services there 3 months after Awlaki arrived.
  • Awlaki has since returned to Yemen where he is a supporter of al Qaeda and targets U.S. Muslims online with lectures encouraging terrorist attacks.
  • Hasan became angry about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wanted out of the military.
  • Medical colleagues says Hasan viewed the war on terrorism as a war on Islam, held anti-Jewish views and supported suicide bombers.
  • One of his medical students had warned military officials that Hasan was a ticking time bomb.
  • One of Hasan's closest Muslim friends says he believes Hasan carried out the attack because of his religious views.
  • Hasan was already under investigation at the time of the attack for posting on the Internet praise for suicide bombers and proselytising to his patients.
  • Hasan told Col. Terry Lee that Muslims should rise up against their aggressors.
  • Hasan, who was single, had difficulty finding a wife who would wear the Hijab and pray daily.

Let's not forget that Hasan, unlike many other terrorists, was born and raised in America. Oddly, he listed his nationality as Palestinian despite being a native born citizen and a Major in the U.S. Army. He admired the same spiritual adviser who had preached to as many as three of the 9/11 hijackers. He went out and purchased two handguns illegally and armed them with cop killer bullets. Despite being a medical doctor, he took weapons training classes not required of him. He said his goodbyes to friends and neighbors, giving them copies of the Koran. Hasan was "a typical fundamentalist Muslim." So many time I talked with him,” said Akhter, a community leader who is sort of like a mosque gadfly, challenging congregants to reject literal, rigid interpretations of Islam. “I was trying to modernize him. I tried my best. He used to hate America as a whole. He was more anti-American than American.” Despite all the conversations, Akther said, “I couldn’t get through to him. He was a typical fundamentalist Muslim.” Given what we now know, can anyone dispute the fact that Hasan is a home-grown Muslim terrorist?


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I wonder why the Bush administration and the Homeland Security Department let this situation fester.

dprosenthal said...

The Moslems not only feel contempt for all other religions, they don't even know how to show respect and honor to their own faith. Hasan's Mosque, like so many others, is not a house of worship but a cover for a den of evil men who joyously plot death and destruction for their 'enemies' - everyone who is not a GOOD Moslem is their enemy.
The gov't is aware of what actually takes place in these false Mosques and should close them dowm - we need to stop worrying about offending some people and face reality - these people want to kill us!