Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Horrible Shooting Provides More Excuses For Taking Away Our Liberties

President Barack Obama's political soul mate, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is fond of saying, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," which as he explains, allows you to "do things you could not do before." As terrible as the horrific mass shooting of dozens of innocent children at a Connecticut elementary school yesterday by a crazed young man is, Alex Jones hits the nail on the head of hypocrisy in his criticism of those, including President Obama, who would use yet another tragic shooting as an excuse for giving up our fundamental rights. President Barack Obama really is shedding crocodile tears just as Jones describes. Obama does a poor acting job in pretending to feel the pain of these innocent victims when his administration bears responsibility for unleashing thousands of the most dangerous, high-powered automatic guns across the border into Mexico as part of his Fast and Furious Operation that have been used to murder thousands of innocent Mexican citizens and dozens more Americans on this side of the border. It's frightening to think just how little the American media and those who argue for tougher gun control laws seems to care about that dirty little secret. That's to say nothing about our government's continued waging of endless and pointless wars in the Middle East for more than a decade now, and its covert arming of radical Muslim groups throughout the Middle East as part of a coordinated effort to topple various regimes in that region who are carrying out continuous assaults that are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. It would be refreshing if those who want to implement the efficient policies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao to usher in our own era of totalitarian rule could open their eyes and see the biggest crimes against humanity now occurring.

Meanwhile, as more information emerges about the accused shooter, who took his own life, we hear this common refrain from family members that there were no warning signs of problems. Adam Lanza was an honors student who came from an upper middle class family. From the Chicago Tribune:

Marsha Lanza, of northwest suburban Crystal Lake, said she was close with Adam Lanza's mother, Nancy, and sent her a message on Facebook on Friday morning asking how she was doing. Nancy Lanza never responded.
Marsha Lanza described Nancy Lanza as a good mother and kind-hearted.
If her son had needed counseling, "Nancy wasn't one to deny reality," she told The Associated Press late Friday.
Marsha Lanza said her husband saw Adam as recently as June and recalled nothing out of the ordinary about him.
Marsha Lanza told the Northwest Herald that she had not seen Adam since he was about 3 years old, but communicated regularly with his mother.
"I knew he had some learning issues in school," Marsha told the newspaper, "but I don't know if there were any behavioral issues. Right now, we don't know any more than you probably do."
Adam Lanza was an honors student who lived in a prosperous neighborhood with his mother, a well-liked woman who enjoyed hosting dice games and decorating the house for the holidays.
Now he is suspected of killing his mother and then gunning down more than two dozen people, 20 of them children, at a Connecticut grade school before taking his own life.
The 20-year-old may have suffered from a personality disorder, law enforcement officials said.
Investigators were trying to learn as much as possible about Lanza and questioned his older brother, who is not believed to have any involvement in the rampage.
Lanza killed his mother at their home before driving her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School and -- armed with at least two handguns -- carried out the massacre, officials said.
A third weapon, a .223-caliber rifle, was found in the car, and more guns were recovered during the investigation.
So far, authorities have not spoken publicly of any possible motive. They found no note or manifesto, and Lanza had no criminal history.
Witnesses said the shooter didn't utter a word.
Lanza was a computer geek who liked playing computer games with his friends according to the Tribune. His parents had divorced in 2008. He grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Newtown, Connecticut where "many people work at companies like General Electric, Pepsi and IBM." Lanza's father worked for GE as a tax director. Just like the Aurora, Colorado shooter, seemingly programmed to kill on command.


guy77money said...

Hmm we going to ban all the first person shooter games on XBOX and the Playstation. While we are at it lets ban all of the cop shows, shoot up movies and any other show where guns are being used. This is where the kids first learn about guns.

Marycatherine Barton said...

My mother would be 100 today, and if she was still alive, would be devastated to realize how America has fallen, to tyranny. Try to have a great weekend, Gary. Thanks for your superb reporting.