Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gregg Steps Up Attacks On Pence

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg took off the gloves and came out swinging at Republican Mike Pence during last night's gubernatorial debate. Gregg again claimed that Pence has been ineffective during his twelve years in Congress for failing to pass any legislation and having a poor attendance record, claims denied by Pence. Gregg described Pence as being a "show horse" and not a "work horse," citing a survey of congressional staffers taken a few years ago. He claimed that the only person who had described Pence as being a hard-working congressman was Pence. Gregg added that Pence was "about down to being a one-trick pony." Gregg appeared frustrated at polls that continue to show him lagging far behind Pence. Will his stepped up attacks against Pence work?

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