Friday, December 02, 2011

Lugar And Wife Slapped With Vote Fraud Complaint

A former Washington Township School board member and certified fraud examiner, Greg Wright, has filed a formal complaint with the Indiana Secretary of State's office against Sen. Richard Lugar and his wife, Charlene, accusing them of committing vote fraud repeatedly over decades by casting absentee ballots at an Indianapolis residence they have not owned since shortly after he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1976. Wright has spoken to the current owner of the residence, who was shocked to learn that Sen. Lugar and his wife have been casting votes using her residence as a voting address for decades. Fellow blogger Diana Vice has the details on Wright's complaint:
Elizabeth Hughes' residence formerly owned by the Lugars
Wright alleges that the senator and his wife may have committed multiple felonies for voting in a Marion county precinct, using an address for a home they reportedly do not own.
"It is my understanding that Senator Richard D. Lugar has voted using an 'absentee' ballot that used as his residence a home located at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222," wrote Wright.

Wright contends the property "appears to be owned by Elizabeth Hughes" and deeded to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989 and quitclaimed from David Hughes to Elizabeth Hughes in 2003.
Wright claims he spoke with Elizabeth Hughes recently who reportedly told him that Senator Lugar "had not lived in the house for 33 years and had no ownership interest in the property."
"She appeared shocked that he used that address as his Indiana residence," wrote Wright while also noting that David and Elizabeth Hughes were also registered to vote using the same address.
A spokesman for Sen. Lugar earlier this year confirmed that Sen. Lugar does not maintain a permanent residence in Indiana; rather, he stays in hotels during his visits to the state he has represented in the U.S. Senate for nearly 36 years. Wright, a Republican, insists he is acting on his own behalf in filing the complaint and is not acting on behalf of the campaign of Lugar's Senate primary opponent, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

Wright's complaint notes that Fairfax County, Virginia records indicate the Lugars' permanent residence in Washingon is located at 7841 Old Dominion Road in McLean, Virginia. Lugar's wife, Charlene, has been issued a Virginia driver's license that shows the McLean address as her place of residence. Wright's complaint raises the question of which state Lugar is licensed to operate a motor vehicle. Wright claims Lugar could not lawfully obtain an Indiana driver's license to operate a motor vehicle because he does not maintain a residence in Indiana. "Does he have a Virginia Operator Driver's License?" Wright's complaint asks.

Indiana's political establishment is now ruing the day it allowed Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White's political career to flap in the wind as he has spent every day since his landslide election in 2010 over Democrat Vop Osil defending himself against an elections law complaint and criminal charges based on allegations he illegally registered to vote at his ex-wife's home for a short period of time while he was running for statewide office and serving on the Fishers Town Council. It will be hard for the establishment to claim Lugar's decades-old pattern of voting at an address at which he does not even have an ownership interest establishes his intent to reside at that address for purposes of casting a vote. Ironically, Lugar owns a farm house in Marion County at which he could have easily claimed a voting address, but he instead chose to continue voting at a home he hasn't owned for decades.


guy77money said...

Of course lets not forget Evan who is no longer a senator and hasn't lived in Indiana in a long time.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Evan is untouchable. Evan has always gotten what Evan wants. He's never held accountable for anything he does wrong; it's always someone else's fault.

rohshack147 said...

Lets not forget Bayh's role in screwing up the Teacher's Retirement Fund. When WISH-TV did a report on the TRF they didnt even bother to check to see if Bayh or Daniels had managed the funds properly. Also Gary dont forget Birch Bayh. I wish somebody would look into Pixie Grismore! Dick Cady claims in his memoirs that Bayh screwed over the TRF and knew it at the time. I think you should do some articles about Bayh and his many failures as a Governor.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Good for Greg Wright initiating this vote fraud complaint. What is with Richard and Charlene Lugar, using as a voting address. a home at which they do not reside and do not even own? The man is a U S Senator!