Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Levin Promotes Jobs, Fair Wages And Pizza

Vote For Bill Levin (HQ) from Englehart Group on Vimeo.

At-large Libertarian candidate for the City-County Council, Bill Levin, released his first campaign video today produced by the Englehart Group. There's an unlikely appearance by Mayor Greg Ballard's Latino adviser in the video. Check it out.

UPDATE: Melyssa Donaghy has asked me to let people know that she is hosting a fundraiser for Levin on September 24, 2011 at 6:00. If you are interested, RSVP by calling (317) 200-7255. For some reason, the campaign video originally posted yesterday has been taken private.

UPDATE II: I received confirmation that the video has been taken off line because Carlos May received an angry phone call from none other than Mayor Greg Ballard demanding to know why he appears in Levin's first campaign video. A disclaimer is being added to the video before it will be made publicly available to assuage Ballard. "I like and respect Carlos way too much not to add it," Levin said.


Indiana said...

Does anybody rememer that Levin was the first to suggest a three story parking garage in the place where they are building the 3 story parking garage?

Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day!

Bill said...

Sure is a unique fellow.

The video is the best Political video I have seen in a long time. For once the candidate made me smile,not cringe.

At least the guy is honest.

Pete Boggs said...

I remember having a home next to this guy Bill Levin. He was a good neighbor protecting his and other kids. I really appreciate the risks he took in our crime challenged neighborhood.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Indiana, I'm pretty sure Levin didn't suggest we taxpayers pay for it and then give the building and the revenue off it away to the Mayor's biggest contributor.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Very good commercial. Fun and pertinent.

Wonder if Carlos May signed off on being in it.