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Secretary Of State Charlie White Calls for Special Prosecutor To Investigate Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler For Voter Fraud

The special prosecutor who brought criminal charges against Secretary of State Charlie White alleging he committed voter fraud by casting a vote in a precinct in which he allegedly did not reside is facing a criminal complaint against him for the very same charges he has brought against White. The person leveling the charges against Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler is Secretary of State Charlie White. If the allegations White alleges against his accuser are true, it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I'm providing the full complaint White has filed with Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards for your own examination and analysis. I've contended from the outset of this prosecution that many could not withstand the application of the law as Sigler has chosen to apply against White. I just didn't know at the time that his strict application of the law was one that he probably couldn't withstand himself. I hope the Allen Co. prosecutor and the news media give White's complaint against Sigler the fair analysis it deserves. Note also that White has raised the issue of State Rep. Win Moses' residency. He has lived in a luxury home on Indianapolis' northside for many years while claiming residency in a Ft. Wayne district he has long represented in the legislature.


DATE:    JUNE 10, 2011

Dear Prosecutor Richards,
I do not file the following request with your office in my capacity as Indiana Secretary of State, but as a citizen of Indiana.  As you know, my office does not have the legislative authority to prosecute voter fraud nor do we have the legislative authority to conduct investigations into violations of Indiana Election Law.

While I have no idea if you have had a working relationship with Daniel Sigler, Sr. or his wife Sherie Hampshire, I see that you did appoint him to the Matt Kelty case (I have no relationship with Mr. Kelty).  If you feel that it is appropriate, I request that you pick two independent special prosecutors to investigate Daniel J. Sigler, Sr., his wife Sherie L. Hampshire and his former wife Nancy M. Sigler for the above alleged violations or for their knowledge and role in them.  Mr. Sigler, by his self-righteous and outrageous comments and behavior (especially Sigler, Jr.’s outrageous conduct against my mother which she has filed a disciplinary complaint for), has set a very high standard for me, my wife, my mother and my former wife and others and I believe that it is in the interest of providing for equal justice under the law that he be held to the same standards for registration, voting and completing his marital application form and mortgage and tax documents.   I have used no staff time with the Secretary of State’s office on this request not have I used any staff at the Secretary of State’s office to access any system to research anyone in this report.  To paraphrase Mr. Sigler, Sr., Daniel Sigler, Sr’s “life has been a moving target.”  His failure to vote in the right precinct (or state), apply the correct address on his marriage application in July of 2010 or his failure to read the law before he filed against me with the Inspector General  for an uneducated and public accusation of abuse of power “was NOT an honest mistake.”  After the Inspector General rightfully cleared me after he read the law, the prosecutors stated to the press that “something looks (or smells) fishy.”

Timeline of alleged Facts:
On or about April 20, 2005:  Attorney Sherie L. Hampshire purchased her current address at 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana. (See Appendix A ,B and C) Source: and - property tax bills)

On or about August 22, 2005, Nancy M. Sigler, then wife or ex-wife of Daniel  J. Sigler, Sr. purchases a home on her own at 183 N. Wildthorne Court, Columbia City, Indiana.  She does not change her voter registration from the 1753 North Wilson Lake Road, Columbia City.  Only her name was on the newly purchased property and only she claimed a homestead deduction on the Wildthorne Property. (See Appendix B) Source:

On or about November 16, 2005, Sherie L. (Houk) Hampshire registers to vote at 8024 Sorrel Lane, Ft. Wayne, Indiana .

In January 27, 2006, Nancy M. and Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. sell their home at 1753 North Wilson Lake Road to Andrew P. and Elizabeth A. Varga. (See Appendix C) Source:
On May 16, 2006, Andrew Varga and Elizabeth Varga register to vote at 1753 North Wilson Lake Road, Columbia City (Richland North Precinct).  Andrew and Elizabeth Varga voted in the General Elections in 2006, 2008 and 2010 from that address.

January 27, 2006 – September 2008, for over 2 and a half years, Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. does not change his voter registration nor does he cast a vote in 2006, the municipal Columbia City Elections in 2007 nor in the primary election of 2008.
In August 3, 2007, Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. and Sherie L. Hampshire bought what was described in the on-line property Allegan County Database as a “second home” for $227,000 at 590 Hoffman Street,  Saugatuck, Michigan 49453 (parcel  57-502-015-00).  I received confirmation from Allegan County Staff that from the time of purchase, the tax bills for this property were sent to “Dan J. Sigler and Sherie Hampshire, 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana.”  Source: Saugatuck City Treasurer’s Office.  It appears as if an attempt has been made within the last month to change this for the county online services but that was not changed with the City Treasurer.   The “second home” reference looks to have been reased this on or about May 2011.  Warranty Deed to Daniel Sigler, Sr. and Sherie Hampshire from the Michael O’Brien and Teresa Trust.  The loan term was from 8-3-07 to 9-1-2037.  It was indicated the residence was “owner occupied.”  Source:  Allegan County.

On or about May 2008, Nancy M. Sigler votes in the Democrat Primary allegedly using her address at 1783 North Wilson Lake Road, Columbia City (Richland North).  She allegedly was never registered at her property at 183 Wildthorne, Columbia City (Columbia 7).   This may explain why he told my wife’s former attorney why he could not go after her for voting in the wrong precinct in 2010 because ‘you would have to go after everyone’ but that they must go after Mr. White because of ”who he is.”

On or about June or July 2008, Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. submits and incomplete voter registration form.
On August 8, 2008, Nancy M. Sigler purchases a home in Hendricks County  for $163,500.00. (Appendix  XX) Source:

On September 12, 2008, Nancy M. Sigler sells her home at 183 Wildthorne Court to Gudakunst, Charles L & Gudakunst, Sharon S (Revocable Living Trust).  Source:  Charles and Sharon Gudakunst both voted in the 2008 General Election.

On or about September 28, 2008, Daniel J. Sigler registers to vote at a rental  home at 7828 Huguenard Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana (just a few miles away from Sherie Hampshire at 8024 Sorrel Lane in Fort Wayne).  The home is owned by GPLYDY, LLC.  Said LLC is owned by Gerry and Patricia Lydy.

On October 12, 2008, Nancy Sigler re-registers to vote at 6844 D Park Square Drive, Avon and votes in the November 2010 election.   She cancels her registration on 11/17/09. She registers on 11/6/09 to add the letter “D” to her address.  We are not sure yet which county she voted in.  Under Indiana Election Law, it is not lawful for Ms. Sigler to vote across congressional and district lines.  If she voted in Whitley County in November of 2008 while she resided in Hendricks County she has violated Indiana Code since there is no provision for her to fill out a VRG412 since it is out of county and congressional district.  Since she re-registered to vote on or about October 12, 2008, the pollbooks in Hendricks County would not have updated them with her name.

In November of 2008, Daniel J. Sigler votes in the General Election.

On July  10, 2010, Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. and Sherie L. Hampshire were married in Saugatuck, Michigan.  The staff at Allegan County, Michigan told me that Sigler used his Huguenard Address while Sherie L. Hampshire used her Sorrel Lane Address on the marital application for out of state residents.   In Mr. Sigler’s words, this is Marital Application Fraud.

On September 8, 2010 Jay D. Fawver and Kris A Fawver register to vote at 7828 Huguenard Road, Fort Wayne.  Kris A. Fawver is still registered there while Day Fawver transferred his registration from there on April 2, 2011.
On or about October 9, 2010, Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. and Sherie Hampshire purchased another residence at 2922 Peach Creek, Fennville, MI (Allegan County) (parcel number 20-022-001-04) from James M. and Mary Beth Brown for $356,500.  The online address for the tax bills used to state an address in Texas but I believe that was the address of the Brown family.

On February 28, 2011, Between the 2nd and 3rd Days of White’s grand jury, Mr. Sigler, Sr. finally registers to vote at 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne.
On or about May 2011, White confirms with Allegan County staff that Mr. Sigler has always sent his tax bills to him and Sherie Hampshire at 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne since the purchase of the Hoffman property in August 2007.  This was confirmed with the Saugatuck City Treasurer “Pete” on June 10, 2011.  The online records, however, were changed on or around the time Sigler, Sr. told White’s attorney he “doesn’t appreciate” me looking into his marital application in Allegan County Michigan.  Of course, I didn’t “appreciate” Mr. Sigler, Sr. looking into mine.

Between the 2nd and 3rd days of the Charles P. White grand jury, Sigler re-registered to vote on or about late February 2011 at what I thought was his correct address all this time at 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne.

I.                    The Case for Voter Registration and Voter Fraud against Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. and Nancy M. Sigler;
Why a five term former elected prosecutor who is known as a partisan and who has occasionally given campaign contributions to candidates (including Nancy Sigler to Evan Bayh) would not continue to vote is baffling.  The only theory I can come up with is that Mr. Sigler, Sr.  wanted to himself and his firm to be known as the predominant law firm of Whitley County.  As a Senior Prosecutor appointed by the Court as well as the Attorney for Whitley County and more specifically the County Board of Commissioners, Mr. Sigler, Sr. perhaps kept his registration at 1783 N. Wilson Lake road for two and half years after he sold the former marital residence because he did not want the Clerk’s office to know he got divorced let alone moved to Fort Wayne at the time.  I do not know if there is a local rule or county policy or custom of not hiring Senior Prosecutors or County Attorney’s if they do not reside in Whitley County.  The fact that he did not put his name on Nancy M.Sigler’s new residence at Wildthorne and the fact he bought a “second home” at 590 Hoffman at Saugatuck Michigan with Sherie Hampshire in 2007 means that the Sigler’s were probably divorced.  If Sigler and Hampshire purchased a home in August of 2007, then it should be assumed that the two were living together in Fort Wayne at the address where the Saugatuck, MI City Treasurer sent the Bill to, namely 8024 Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne to Dan Sigler, Sr. and Sherie Hampshire which I confirmed on June 10, 2011.  After Mr. Sigler, Sr. got around to changing his Voter Registration 2 and half years after he sold the residence at North Wilson Lake Road in September 2008, why did he not put down 8024 Sorrel Lane which Sherie Hampshire resides instead of a rental at Huguenard Drive, Fort Wayne.   Mr. Sigler, Sr. may have committed perjury when he registered to vote at Huguenard, voted in the wrong precinct, and possibly withheld information from the precinct election board.  It is interesting that he finally registered at what I believed to be his true residential address in Indiana when he updated his registration between the 2nd and 3rd days of the White grand jury.

I.                    The Case for Marital Application Fraud against Daniel J. Sigler, Sr.;

a.       I confirmed in May of 2010 with the Allegan County Clerk that Mr. Sigler used his Huguenard address for his marital application while Sherie Hampshire used her address at Sorrel Lane.  Under the Sigler standard, if you do not like the address used, this is Class D Felony perjury.  Although material elements of a marital application items such as your age, the fact that you are not intoxicated, not blood relatives,  the fact you are not currently married and that you are a citizen, Sigler finds that the address within a county itself is a material element and subject to perjury.  Because of this, if it is found that Sigler has really been living at Sorrel Lane and that Huguenard was a front to hide where he really lived…with his then girlfriend he buys homes with and now his wife, under the Sigler standard he should be charged with a Class D Felony for perjury on his Marital Application.

II.                  False statements on his Mortgage application, Mortgage Closing Documents against Daniel J. Sigler, Sr.;

a.       I would like investigators to see what address he put down on his mortgage application, his closing documents as well as the address history of his Driver’s License.

III.                Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. deceiving the Columbia City and Whitley County community as a Senior Prosecutor and as a Attorney for the Whitley County Board of Commissioners;

a.       Whether or not Whitley County would allow him to serve as a Senior Prosecutor or as an Attorney for Whitley County or for the Board of Commissioners at the time I do not know.  If was appointed to any others boards or authorities that would have required him to be a Whitley County residence I do not know.  This can allow be done by investigators interviewing the appropriate judges and elected officials.   I have never heard of active attorney’s working for government entities not to vote in county and city elections where they serve.

b.      It would be incredible to believe that he kept his voter registration address with Nancy Sigler at North Wilson Lake because it would appear as if they live with Andrew and Elizabeth Varga.  It would also be incredible to believe that he was leaving his registration there to “protect himself” because then he would only be putting Andrew and Elizabeth Varga in harms way.  Mr. Sigler did not want people to think he left Columbia City and that he moved to Fort Wayne.

IV.                Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. making a frivolous filing with the Inspector General against Secretary of State Charlie White;

a.       According to Indiana Law, not only does the predecessor statewide elected official have to turn over all property and files to the successor statewide public official, it is a crime if he or she does not.   During a legislative session where one could be subject to impeachment (and a threat was made of that two days before Sigler filed the complaint with the IG)or other initiatives that could benefit the community involving the Secretary of State’s office could be passed, the Prosecutor’s ask the Inspector General to investigate me and my office prematurely proclaiming I have “abused my power” by having access to a report that Rokita was not authorized under the law to even do.  The extrajudicial comments were meant to inflame the public and the legislature and hurt our offices initiatives.  Why did he even need to announce he was filing the complaint to the media?   Most complaints filed are private until something comes out.  It was only meant to be an unsuccessful bullying tactic.  After White was cleared, the prosecutors said “something smells (or looks or seems) fishy.”  Perhaps if they had been responsible and read the law, they would not have been so bombastic when the filed the complaint.  I have sought advice from the Inspector General if these “reports” that Rokita did can be legally be done by anyone on our staff since the legislature continually turned down Rokita to have investigatory authority for elections.  Sigler had a duty to read the law before making his boasts and filing his complaint.  It also seems immature and childish for prosecutors to make statements against the Inspector General that his decision seemed “fishy.”  This does not seem to me to be ethical behavior by a prosecutor. 

II.                  The Case that Daniel J. Sigler should recuse himself from the prosecuting the case regarding Charlie White;

a.       Since Mr. Sigler says “this is about law and not politics” (which by the way with him it is just the opposite.  Everyone knows how partisan he is), then since his ex-wife and he are residency-voter challenged in 2008 I do not believe that he can continue on this case without conflict.  In addition, since he has now because Sigler, Sr. is protecting the community and the public welfare by chasing after alleged Marital Application Address Fraud (which he has had me indicted for and continues to threaten to indict my wife with), then he needs to answer some questions about his addresses from January 2006 to the present.  He resists with charging an apolitical person like my wife with voting in the wrong precinct because he knows he and his ex-wife have done it.

b.      In addition, investigators should check his bank records and the neighbors of his homes in Fennville and Saugatuck Michigan on how often he is up there.  For all I know, Mr. Sigler, Sr., at 62 years old, spends more time in Michigan than in Indiana.  If that’s the case, he should be voting up there.  In addition, he is quite the bomb at Good Goods craft store in Saugatuck on Facebook since he supplies them with his homemade birdhouses.  For all I know, he spends his time near Lake Michigan where he relaxes and makes his birdhouses, drives back to attend.  

III.                Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. and his adult child Daniel Sigler, Jr. have committed a Class D Felony by beginning criminal proceeding against a candidate.
Whether it is a person who is considering being a candidate, a candidate or a candidate going through a post election candidate challenge (Even though I do not agree, Judge Rosenberg (who is registered under “501 RRRR” which is against Indiana Code)has decreed that Burke v. Bennett does not apply to apply to me, nor the Bayh Case, nor Evuard nor the statutory challenge deadlines…how convenient) so I am not being treated as the Secretary of State or Secretary of State-Elect, but as a candidate still), my “race” is not over and I am being treated like a candidate for Secretary of State and if I lose at the Recount Commission challenge to my candidacy, then Ifeanyi “Vop” Osili II, the man who only won 4 counties out of 92 counties will be Secretary of State.  With a five year statute of limitations on these matters, what public purpose does it serve to have an overlapping criminal and civil case at the same time where Sigler, Sr. gets to make extra-judicial statements as the press and politicians are demanding blood…even as some of loudest are voter-residency challenged themselves.  Would it have served the public well to charge Evan Bayh with voter fraud and voter registration fraud when he voted in Vigo County in 1984 as he admitted he lived at his dad’s condo in Indianapolis when he came from D.C. while he dealt with his candidacy challenge for Governor in 1987 and 1988 in the Shelby County Courts (of course he was the Secretary of State and an attorney when he had residency and voter amnesia and it is profound how the media did not say a peep and chastised Republicans for nitpicking and trying to limit voters choices).  That is why we have the below law…to keep elections and election procedures from being influenced by judges and prosecutors.  This law was updated in 2005 to include threats of bodily harm to mirror a related federal law.  Otherwise, no one will want to run for office and the loser will just file with the prosecutor to steal the office away from the will of the voters.

IC 3-14-3-18
Actions to unlawfully influence voter or candidate
Sec. 18. (a) As used in this section, "candidate" includes an individual whom the person knows is considering becoming a candidate.
    (b) A person who, for the purpose of influencing a voter or candidate, does any of the following commits a Class D felony:
        (1) Seeks to enforce the payment of a debt by force or threat of force.
        (2) Ejects or threatens to eject the voter or candidate from a house the voter or candidate occupies.
        (3) Begins a criminal prosecution.
        (4) Damages the business or trade of the voter or candidate.
        (5) Communicates a threat to commit a forcible felony (as defined in IC 35-41-1-11) against a voter or candidate with the intent that the voter or candidate:
            (A) engage in conduct against the voter's or candidate's will; or
            (B) be placed in fear of retaliation for a prior lawful act as a voter or candidate.
As added by P.L.5-1986, SEC.10. Amended by P.L.176-1999, SEC.118; P.L.103-2005, SEC.36.

By his hand in beginning a prosecution while I am still a candidate, trying to say I committed fraud against a financial institution (Bank of America Mortgage is stunned and has never seen anything so ridiculous.),  Sigler, Sr. is trying to evict me from my home if he succeeds and his actions have damaged my business and trade of as an attorney and as a public official.   He is so desperate he is digging up ex-girl friends from years ago who I have not seen that have committed voter fraud in 4 General Elections and in 3 primary elections so she can defraud a school corporation and the taxpayers to send her child there.  Good luck on that “star” witness.  Finally, he is fighting like heck to keep me from getting the record of his and his counterparts comments and interactions with the grand jury as is my right under Wurster v. Indiana (State Supreme Court 1999).  What is he afraid of?  Did the prosecutors say anything they should not have or did they fail to tell them all the laws that apply?  What was the public good of Sigler, Sr. proclaiming wrongfully that I “abused my power” during my candidacy challenge.  That’s all Judge Rosenberg and the Democrats talk about as their main talking point are the indictments.  The Prosecutors are trying to influence me and the election.  All they had to do was nothing and let all the discovery come out through the civil proceedings and in the Summer of 2011 they could have decided whether to do anything or not. I request that the Prosecutor, Special Prosecutors and/or State Police find the following: 
1.       Daniel John Sigler, Sr.’s Drivers License and Vehicle Registration;

2.       The date of Daniel J. Sigler, Sr.’s  divorce from Nancy M. Sigler and their Final Decree and Final Settlement Agreement.

3.       Was Mr. Sigler, Sr. receiving mail or was he on the utilities at 183 Wildthorne, Columbia City, Huguenard Road, Fort Wayne and/or Sorrel Lane, Fort Wayne.  Was Sherie Hampshire on any of the utilities for Huguenard Road, Fort Wayne.

4.       His marital application from Allegan County, Michigan.

5.       Find out if Mr. Sigler, Sr. gave Officials of Allegan county a false address to send taxes for the Saugatuck residence in August-September of 2007.

6.       Did Daniel J. Sigler, Sr. commit perjury when he filled out his voter registration application at Huguenard Drive instead of registering at Sorrel Lane in 2008?

7.       Voting in the wrong precinct in the General Election of 2008;

8.       Utility bills at Huguenard and the lease agreement with GPLYDY, LLC, the owner of the Huguenard Drive rental.

9.       The address on the mortgage application and the closing documents for the Saugatuck, MI property purchased as a second home in August, 2007 with Sherie L. Hampshire.  Did Sigler, Sr. lie about his address to the Seller, Lender and the title company?

10.   Bank accounts for Daniel J. Sigler and Sherie Hampshire showing how much time they spend in Fennville and Saugutuck, Michigan as opposed to time spent in Indiana.  Does Mr. Sigler, Sr. spend more time in Michigan?  He owns two homes up there.  If so, he should be voting in Michigan.

11.   Does Mr. Sigler claim a Homestead deduction anywhere outside of the property he sold at N. Wilson Lake Road in Columbia City, IN on or about January, 2006.

12.   Where did Nancy Sigler vote in May and November 2008?  Whitley or Hendricks County and did any of these votes involve crossing county and congressional district lines constitute violations of federal and state election law.

13.   Find whether or not the online property search cite had changed the tax billing address from Sorrel Lane, Ft. Wayne to Hoffman Street within May or June of 2011.  This is around the time Mr. Sigler, Sr. learned I was looking for his marital application information.

14.   When did Kris and Jay Fawver start living at Huguenard and when did Daniel Sigler, Sr. “move out”.  Who’s names were on the Huguenard utility bills from 2006- present.

While you may not feel that any of this rises to the level of alleged violations you are used to dealing with, Mr. Sigler, Sr. and his counterparts have done everything they can to humiliate and break my family over the exact same issues.  Mr. Sigler, Sr. is not the law, he is not a god and he is not above the law.  If he and his adult child Daniel Sigler, Jr. (whom my mother has filed a disciplinary complaint against for his childish and outlandish behavior while his spittle from his mouth hit her in the face. Nice touch D.J.  Hazing grandma) wish to have clean hands then Sigler, Sr. needs to come clean about his voting and residency.  Since my former wife is now involved, it is only fair that Sigler, Sr. answer questions about his ex-wife Nancy M. Sigler’s voting in potentially the wrong precinct, county and congressional district.
Next, I intend to send information delving into the mystery of Win Moses “home” in Fort Wayne (potential homestead fraud and voter fraud) while he resides in Indianapolis.  I am not mentioning Dowd here since he has no connection to Allen County but if you wish to ask him questions concerning his potential violation of statutes protecting voters and candidates from influence I welcome that.

Thank you for your consideration.  All I want is for me and Mr. Sigler, Sr., Sherie Hamshire and Nancy M. Sigler and DJ Sigler, Jr. to be treated the same under the law as me and my family.

Respectfully Submitted
Charles P. White


varangianguard said...

While I find it very difficult to believe, Secy. White had better have done all this "work" off the State clock without help from his office minions.

foretell said...

I believe that a lot of people should be investigated for a lot of things, but this is inappropriate.
Secretary White is making the final argument of a scoundrel: "It is alright for me to do bad things because other people did bad things and got away with them. I will blackmail anyone who tries to fink on me by threatening to inform on him."
Secretary White has confirmed the fact that he is a louse to anyone who does not already realize it.

Mike Kole said...

If the book has to be thrown at a lot of people for breaking election laws, so be it. Let's not write laws we really don't want to enforce.