Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pamela Geller Unleashes On Mitch Daniels For Accepting American Arab Institute Award

Pamela Geller, the fiery Jewish news commentator and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs blog, has unleashed on Gov. Mitch Daniels for accepting an award from the American Arab Institute. In a blog post entitled, "Mitch Daniels Honored By Notorious Jew-Hating Supremacist Organization AAI," Geller writes:

Mitch Daniels has become the new it boy of the GOP and the race for the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. I, OTOH, am not impressed by this johnny come lately, but have kept my reservations quiet until now.

Once you are "honored" and "awarded" by Islamic supremacists, that should be the kibosh on any candidate. Tim Pawlenty, as Governor of Minnesota, had his Housing Finance Agency set up a Shariah-compliant lending fund. His fumble of Franken's wholesale theft of the election Senate race was bad enough; sharia finance is the death knell for a limpwristed RINO.

Back to Mitch Daniels. The American Arab Institute, co-founded by James Zogby, is presenting their annual award to Mitch Daniels . . .

Governor Daniels is the grandchild of Syrian immigrants. He has been involved with AAI for the past 25 years, and has spoken at a number of events including the 2002 Gibran Awards Gala and our 2001 inauguration party.

Notorious Jew hater James Zogby is the co-founder and President of the Arab Institute. Mitch Daniels has been involved with this notorious anti-Israel Israel organization for 25 years. How repulsive. Zogby is one of the ugliest of supremacist activists. Daniels should get nowhere near the nomination.
Geller has risen to prominence in conservative American politics this past year for the leading role she has taken in blocking the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. She frequently appears as a commentator on Fox News and is a contributing columnist to Newsmax. She is the author of "The Obama Adminsitration's War On America: The Post-American Presidency."


Reader John said...

That kind of foaming at the mouth makes me more supportive, not less, or its object.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Having seen how the Karl Rove types aid their candidates in Republican primaries, they would take full advantage of Daniels accepting this award from this group if they were advising another candidate. When McCain ran against George W. Bush in 2000, Rove planted rumors that McCain had a black illegitimate daughter and was not a natural born citizen during the South Carolina primary. McCain went ballistic in a debate with Bush and Bush just sat there shaking his head, saying he had no knowledge of it.

rohshack147 said...

I have to agree with Geller. The fact that this man would accept an award from and be so close to an anti-semitic group disqualifies him from being a serious candidate for president. Obama and his GOP primary foes will surely use this against him. Also it would seem that the timing of the prez coming to Indy on friday is just him raining on the Guv's parade.

Paul said...

Accepting an award is simply that, accepting an award. Mitch's acceptance is not a validation of every single view the organization has, nor would his refusal be a condemnation of every view.

We're adults. Let's act adults, and recognize that just because someone controversy happens to like Mitch, it doesn't make Mitch controversial. It just makes him more popular.

LA Sunset said...

Daniels has Syrian blood in him. Not Muslim blood, Syrian blood. His Syrian ancestors were those who were purged out of Syria in the early 1900s for being Christian.

Najeeb Halaby was also a Syrian Christian. His father immigrated here in the late 1800s. What the hell is wrong with getting an award from a organization that honors part of your heritage? Sure, it might be a left wing think tank. But it's far from the Islamic Society of North America or CAIR.

There is not an ounce of a Jew-hating spirit in Daniels. In fact, if anyone has a minimal understanding of the evolution of the Syrian people, they would know there is Jewish blood in a great many.

Where Geller once made some sense, she now has lost a certain amount of contact with reality and practicality, not to mention some of her cognitive processes have been slowed by some deeply held prejudices and anger.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Daniels is also not his real family name. It was adopted by his immigrating ancestors when they arrrived in New York to help them fit into America easier. Do you know what the family name is? I know little about the AAI. Geller seems to have a strong opinion about what the group represents.

LA Sunset said...

1. I can find out what his grandfather's name was if it's that important. HIS name is Daniels, he is an American, he is a Christian. So the radical mouth foamers can relax.

2. AAT-Run by Zogby, an American of Lebanese descent, also Christian. Left wing, yes. I think the sentiment is more anti-Zionist than it is anti-Jew. But there could an influx going on with Muslims that are starting to swing it to anti-Semitic. That about all I know.

3. Geller started out as a real voice for what was true and right in a status post 9-11 world. She became a much needed voice at a time when there were few, a time when many were still in shock and didn;t know what to think. But since that time, her self importance has been self inflated and she has become not much more than a liability to people who are trying to get the truth out.

Like someone said earlier, it was just an award. Just look at what the man has done, not at what someone from his heritage honored him with.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Elias Esau was his paternal grandfather's name. He took them name "Daniel" as his surname when he arrived in New York. The family later added the "s" to Daniel.

Danny Haszard said...

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