Friday, August 07, 2009

Hawaii Democrat State Senator Wants Obama To Reveal His Birth Certificate

Well what will the Daily Kos crowd have to say about a Democratic state senator in Hawaii announcing that he will introduce legislation in Hawaii to make Obama disclose the birth certificate information filed with that's state's Department of Health? State Sen. Will Espero (D), who was born in Japan, explains to World Net Daily his decision to introduce the legislation:

"My decision to file the legislation was primarily a result of the fuss over President Obama's birth records and the lingering questions," Espero said.

Espero told WND that he believes President Obama was born in Hawaii.

"My motivation is strictly to promote transparency," he said. "When I found out that Hawaii birth records were not available to the public my first thought was, 'Why wouldn't they be available to the public?'

"As far as I am concerned, records regarding whether a person was born here or not should be in the public domain," he said.

Asked specifically about Obama's birth records, including the original long-form birth certificate, Espero said, "Whatever birth records regarding President Obama that the Hawaii Department has on file should be made public."

Espero emphasized that his legislation would make provisions to deal with security issues by making sure no information would be released that could aid criminals to commit identity theft.

Once his legislation is drafted, Espero said he would submit it to Hawaii Director of Health Dr. Chiyome Fukino for comment before introducing the legislation to the Hawaii state legislature.
Leo Donofrio turns in another stellar post explaining why Obama is not a natural born citizen (and it has nothing to do with his place of birth) and the real danger that the United States will cease to exist as a constitutional republic


Unknown said...

I see the 10th Circuit upheld the dismissal of a birther suit and found the case insubstantial and frivolous.

Dana said...

Hey AI. Since you are into this crap up to your EYEBALLS, let's do this. I'm adopted. I MIGHT not be a REAL citizen. A drunk guy at the 16th and Meridian iHop once thought I was from Mars. That's what he told the IPD when he was being arrested... But, I use my real name.

What about you, and your Brother John Bircher - Antioch Baptist Churcher friends here? What is YOUR name? What do y'all like to use these fake, childish nicks?

For all I know, you people are all, (gasp!) Communist plants, brought here forty years ago by Maoists and Palestinian Fatah leaders to sow entropy.

Prove you aren't. Go on. PROVE you are not Maoists, wife-beaters and Muslim plants.

Go on, Achmed Insallah. You know, deep in your mind, that you are a sleeper and Manchurian-Islamist blogger. Just admit it. You'll feel much better about yourself.

Dana said...

Achmed Insallah! Why aren't you covering the thugs who are being complete asses at Town Hall meetings?

Achmed! Why aren't you covering what The Fat Man and Greg Garrison are saying lately?

What's your game? Just saying...

Gary R. Welsh said...

People where I grew up know my family. They know who my parents are, and they know where I was born and raised. Nobody can vouch for Obama. My teachers remember me as do my fellow students. He's a complete mystery man. I'm not famous, but I can produce dozens of people who will recall going to college with me at EIU and dozens more who knew me in law school. Try finding people who knew Obama at Cccidental, Columbia or Harvard and can talk about him. They don't exist. Doesn't any normal person find that a little strange? George Stephanopolous went to Columbia at the same time as Obama and has no recollection of him. The only people who knew him were his Muslim roommate friends and he has barred them from speaking to the media. Why?

IndyPaul said...

Professor and Director of the Human Rights Program at Indiana University George Edwards was in law school and served on the law review there with Obama. Thats one person I just happened to meet over the past year, and I wasn't looking for Obama classmates. Columbia University has 25,000 students! Stephanapolos was there a the same time as Obama during one school year, and was a year ahead of him. Do you expect Stephanapolos to know thousands of people he was in school with?? This is silly.

Downtown Indy said...

There are far more people whose existence seems to not predate their mission to debunk 'birthers' than there are people who can (or are willing) say they knew Obama during his college days. Why?

Chris Strunk said...

On 6/5/09 New Yorker Chris Strunk is speaking with Sandra Schulte on MNN about his current presidential FOIA case and demand for a Quo Warranto jury trial in Washington D.C. on the facts of Barack Hussein Obama's "Dual Citizenship" at his birth on August 4, 1961 in conflict with the U.S. Constitution Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 mandate that BHO is not a "natural-born-citizen" with a British Citizen Father and an American Citizen Mother makes BHO ineligible to be qualified for President; BHO was fired by Strunk on January 23, 2009, and therefore BHO is a Usurper whose actions are void ab initio, and that once the District Court jury hears the facts under the Quo Warranto statute, then a three judge panel interpret the Clause as a matter first impression must be removed from office. For questions or to contact Chris Strunk ( and see below:

PART #1: 6-05-09 Guest Chris Strunk on Speak Up

PART #2: 6-05-09 Guest Chris Strunk on Speak Up



Anonymous said...

This has to be an Obama plot -- making people believe that anyone who opposes his policies is a "Birther" nut job. I suppose publishing his birth announcement in Hawaiian newspapers in 1961 was a Nostradamus/Democratic plot? So was making Hawaii as state, I bet. If I was Obama I'd never release my birth certificate -- I'd want to encourage morons to keep harping on this subject.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"If I was Obama I'd never release my birth certificate -- I'd want to encourage morons to keep harping on this subject."
That's right, "Guy." That's why the Annointed One campaigned for two years about "COMPLETE TRANSPARENCE and BRINGING THE COUNTRY TOGETHER and REACHING OUT TO THE OTHER SIDE."
Oh...never mind!

Unknown said...


You are SO making me regret voting for you for best political blog. (If only you could stay on local issues so you don't sound so "out there.")

First, D'Onofrio? Wow. Man, you are so desperate to sully Obama that you're cross-posting to a guy who says "I’m not saying 911 was an 'inside job' because nobody really knows the whole story. But anyone who denies that elements of the crime have been covered up is lying or just ignorant of basic facts."

At least he's non-partisan in that he calls it the "Bush cabal" and says the following:

"But let me take this chance to tell those of you who supported torture, unconstitutional wars and the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians – children, mothers, grandmothers – by the last administration – you don’t deserve the protections of our Constitution."

Shame on you, AI! If you're such a Constitution lover, why weren't you decrying torture and the unconstitutional war, hmmmmmm!?!? Why are you all such BLAZING constitutional hypocrites in D'Onofrio's eyes?

OR might it be that you (and everybody else making a ruckus on the Obama birth certificate issue) are using the Constitution as patriotic backdrop for your REAL goal?

What I find funny is that even your legal analysis changes. Once theory A is debunked, you jump in bed with theory B. When I asked you about the Wong case, you replied that it was a 14th Amendment case addressing the defintion of "citizen" not "natural born citizen." While that's true, there is a massive body of commentary by the Supreme Court in that case saying someone born in the United States, even to foreign parents, is "natural born." I asked you to name a single Supreme Court Justice who has ever said otherwise. I'm still waiting for an answer.

But NOW, because you've obviously realized your argument is dead, you've gone to the EXACT OPPOSITE argument D'Onofrio is making - yes, we KNOW Obama was a "natural born citizen" of the United States, but he was ALSO a citizen of Great Britain because his father was.

Do you know how silly you all sound on the practical side? You're worried about a guy who has been in the U.S. since age 11 being a subversive...for the BRITISH GOVERNMENT?!? Holy crap! If we let this man stay in office, we'll all be drinking tea before the year's out!

What I find really amusing is how the xenophobes have constrained their thoughts to Hamilton and Washington. If you're REALLY worried about foreign influence, why aren't you championing a constitutional amendment to prohibit members of Congress from serving if they have any family living in foreign countries?

Which hypothetical has a greater likelihood of influencing American foreign policy? A president living in a foreign country until age 11, or an Irish Democratic United States Senator who serves on Appropriations (foreign aid budget) and has close family still in Ireland? What about a Republican Jewish Senator serving on the Armed Services Committee who has family in the Gaza Strip? What about a American-born Latino member of the House of Representatives (either party) serving on the House Judiciary Committee (Subcommitte on Immigration) with grandparents in Mexico?

All of these things are more likely to influence foreign policy than any association Obama had when he was 11. Do any of you say anything? Of course not. Because your goal isn't to save America from "foreign influences." It's to "save America from Barack Obama," and you'll use the illusion of foreign influence (and anything else that serves your purposes) to get it done.

I have become accustomed to Republicans frothing at the mouth over Democratic Presidents. In fact, we could rightly call this "Bill Clinton II: The Barack Obama Version." All I am asking is that you at least have the decency to admit that this - and not an alleged desire to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION - is your true motivation.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Chris, Don't get me started on conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. What Donofrio stated is actually very tame compared to what Democrats have claimed. Remember, there were many prominent Democrats leading the charge that Bush knew in advance that the 9/11 attacks were going to happen, including Howard Dean. Madeline Albright claimed the U.S. had captured bin Laden and was keeping it a secret until the eve of the 2004 election. And don't forget that Sandy Burger, Clinton's former national security adviser, is the guy who got caught during the 9/11 investigation stealing national security documents he thought would prove damaging to the Clinton administration by stuffing them in his socks and walking out of a secured area with them.

This just isn't about Obama being a British citizen at his birth. It is about his mother immigrating to a foreign land where she permitted him to be adopted by an Indonesian citizen, made him an Indonesian citizen and changed his legal name. That glaring aspect of this story has been completely ignored. The guy wrote two fictitious auto biographies about himself, has given the names of two different hospitals over the past year at which he was born, published a Certification of Live Birth from the State of Hawaii that is dated in June, 2007, did not bother to get registered for selective service until someone started putting in FOIA requests for the information and they realized that the foreign college student at Occidental hadn't been required to register for the draft so they had a back-dated registration entered into the system's files in the Chicago office, and I could go on and on. The man is a total fraud and a usurper of the U.S. Constitution.

Unknown said...


You want to call Obama a fraud? Feel free. But usurper of the Constitution? Sorry, but this all boils down to the fact you: (a) hate him because of the aforementioned fraud claim; and (b) you are trying to conjure up whatever you can to destroy him.

D'Onofrio talks about the "evils of an international citizen." It's funny he uses this phrase because I saw something close to it tonight. Here's a paragraph about the Center for Inquiry (IPS #2 magnet):

"The goal of Primary Years Program is to develop an international person who recognizes and appreciates all cultures including their own and is equpped to act as a global citizen."


Sorry, but you want me to buy that Obama is somehow a clandestine foreign operative because of what his MOTHER did when HE WAS YOUNGER THAN ELEVEN?

Frankly, I'd be more worried about foreign influence from somebody who was born in America to American parents who then moved their child to, oh, say, Columbia or Yugoslavia, where (s)he stayed for the next forty years. Then (s)he came to America, stayed for 14 years, and became our President.

Obama has been in America for over 30 years. Doesn't that strike you as an extremely long time to launch the covert foreign takeover?

Yes, the founding fathers were worried about a foreign-born president...because they had just fought a war during which there were loyalists to the crown in their midst. In contrast, you can't even tell to WHOM Obama's alleged contrary allegiance lies.

Save your own reputation and stick with covering local politics.

Dana said...

Chris is right. And you aren't doing anyone any favors with this crap.

Drop it.

How can we take you seriously on anything while you repeat Greg Garrison and Hannity and The Fat Man's talking points?