Friday, May 01, 2009

Ogden Plotting Mayoral Bid?

The Indiana Legislative Insight's Ed Feigenbaum discusses a potential insurgent campaign by fellow blogger Paul Ogden to unseat Mayor Greg Ballard in the 2011 mayoral primary. Feigenbaum writes:

We're picking up some serious talk that Indianapolis attorney Paul Ogden (R) may decide to take on Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (R) in the 2011 mayoral primary should Mayor Ballard decide to seek reelection.

Should he run, Ogden would tap the same network of tax protestors and those with broader anger with government spending policies that won the general election for the then-unknown Ballard in 2007 . . .

Ogden has been quite outspoken about the mayor on his Ogden on Politics blog, in public forums, and in the media. „It is one thing for Mayor Ballard to throw his own political future under the bus. It's quite another thing to drag down the Council Republicans with him as well as the future of the Marion County GOP. Republicans desperately need an alternative to renominating Greg Ballard for a second term in 2011,‰ he recently wrote on his blog.

If he runs, don't expect him to seek slating. Ogden, who was a 2000 Republican nominee for state representative, sought the nod for county clerk a few years ago, but was rebuffed.

Feigenbaum says the Libertarian Party has unsuccessfully wooed Ogden to run as a Libertarian mayoral candidate in 2011. "The discontent over the CIB situation and hizzoner's handling of it, and what the disappointed core of 2007 Ballard supporters see as a corporate-centered philosophy no different than that which he replaced could be the catalyst for a grassroots Ogden effort," Feigenbaum writes. I've gathered from various converations that some of the very people egging on Ballard and encouraging him to go all out in support of the CIB bailout are quietly discussing plans to dump him in favor of one of "their own". Those people are more than likely to throw their weight and money behind a Democratic mayoral candidate rather than a challenger in the Republican primary. An often-discussed Republican mayoral candidate, state GOP Chairman and former state senator, Murray Clark, is rumored to be interested in seeking the Secretary of State's office in 2010. If those rumors are true, it would seem to rule out a 2011 mayoral bid by him.

For the record, Ogden has not expressed an interest in running for mayor to this blogger, and I'm not endorsing anyone's candidacy at this early date. Let's get through the 2010 elections first. The GOP needs to find a candidate to run for prosecutor. Incumbent Carl Brizzi hasn't said whether he will seek re-election and is considered by many observers to be badly weakened and likely to lose a third race for that office. That should be the party's number one priority for now. How do we hold the only county office we currently occupy?


I know said...

Why plot, come out now, get organized, set the team in place to fix the mess and get the community organized instead of taking millions in campaign contributions to advertise at the last minute. Use money to benefit the community.

Make this a movement with real organization that the community takes real ownership in and rebels against the stink that is currently around.

Set up a non profit and approach the grant writers, the community organizers and the PEOPLE of the great city of Indianapolis and get on with it. The campaign dollars will turn into real dollars back into the community for real work instead of billboards with a face on it, adds bashing someone and matchbook covers so someone can smoke another pack.

Indianapolis has great people and great pride that Paul can reinvigorate long before an election cycle. A great team of working their tail off to bring back government by the people and for the people would surely thwart some good old boy from running when they knew they were going to get their butt kicked.

artfuggins said...

I have heard for quite some time now that the Marion County GOP will challenge Ballard in the primary with a candidate that meets their agenda.

M Theory said...

I can tell you who is behind that rumor: ME!

That's because I sometimes post "OGDEN FOR MAYOR" in comments on blogs, that according to Bob Grand, no one reads.

I believe I am the first person that has openly suggested Paul run for mayor. I think he'd be a great mayor. I think I posted the suggestion on the Democrat blog, Indianapolis Times, here, and on Indiana Barrister.

I've suggested to Paul on the phone a couple times that he consider running! For the record, he did not say no. He also didn't say yes, either!

I think he has the right stuff.

And Gary, if it wasn't for your blog (that according to Bob Grand no one reads), I would not have likely ever learned who Paul Ogden is.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Gary, I do have some interest, but as you point out there is another election between now and then. If the election were coming up next year, I might well say yes. I am so disgusted by the Mayor's lack of leadership, and his willingness to break his campaign pledge to not raise taxes, all in the name of giving wealthy sports billionaire more money.

I'm just as disgusted with the Democrats who are completely on board with the corporate welfare mentality that's dominated the city the past few decades and who, like the Mayor refuse to even consider reform to the CIB's operation or take on the city's sports teams.

But a lot can change in the 18 or so months before I have to make a decision. I don't know where I"m going to be or what's going to happen locally. I also expect other Republicans,Libertarians tand Democrats o step up and want to run against the Mayor.

Your column is the first I've seen of what Feigenbaum said. I don't buy the theory that Ballard is going to be dropped in favor of a big-name Republican insider, if that's what he's saying. No one like a Brizzi is going to want to take the political risk, especially after Ballard has damaged the GOP brand. The only Republican I believe who has a chance is someone running as a total outsider, riding on the populist outrage to what is going on in the city. Even then it's an uphill battle.

P.S. Sorry I've been so out of touch the past few days. Just completed a response to summary judgment at 11:57 last night.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Art, I'm pretty sure Ballard is carrying the Bob Grand/Tom John agenda. That's exactly why he's in trouble.

You have a point "I know." There is always some merit for getting out early. But there are negatives as well. It's always a balancing act.

M Theory said...

Art, what has Ballard done that does not meet the party establishment's requirements? From where I sit, it looks like he's their guy now, now ours.

Wilson46201 said...

...and two years ago you-all were screaming "HAD ENOUGH?", "BART LIES!" & "BALLARD FOR MAYOR".


Downtown Indy said...

Yes, wilson, we were. Yes Wilson, he did. Yes wilson, ballard isn't what he pretended he was. I think you like to use the phrase, 'Get over it,' or maybe that's your alterego, art.

Get over it.

At the very least, the low-key ponzi operation being run out of the CIB with the blessing of the former mayor (and for the benefit of 3 local billionaires) has been brought out into the light. It's still a big mess, but at least it's become visible to a lot more people. Now there's some hope it can be fixed before it grows any worse than it already it. Sadly, Ballard is besmirching the image of the US Marine Corp by not having the balls to get tough and fight for what's right after campaigning heavily on his LTC credential.

M Theory said...

Yep Wilson, we were there saying Had Enough and Bart Lies.

And unlike you we have integrity that we want city leadership that serves The People first, before we will blindly follow a party.

If I saw bad things coming out of the Libertarian leadership (which I never have) I would also speak out against them.

So technically that makes me an independent.

I personally told Greg Ballard outside the city county building during an August 2007 protest that when he won, if he EVER went against the taxpayers, I would again be there.

Now, you wouldn't want me to break my word to Greg Ballard, would you?

I know said...

"You have a point "I know." There is always some merit for getting out early. But there are negatives as well. It's always a balancing act."

The people of Indianapolis and the good and decent politicians need leadership right now! It will take some time to win over beaten down taxpayers. Don't begin to form a campaign war chest. Find the right people to set the stage for the change needed and form a non profit and all the funds collected toward a CAMPAIGN and CHANGE will be transparent and for the community not one person.

Yes, in normal times a balancing act may be needed. Right now looking from the outside in and seeing the confusion, disarray and disrespect that is flying around now is the right time to begin the change in course.

Remember everyone complains it was several previous administrations that got this City in this mess. It will take all of two years to get people to see the transparency and change coming.

One thing Daniel's did right the first time was form the coalition and do the footwork for many months. The people in Indiana connected with him two years before the election.

Please don't put a bunch of kids on the team and then hide in the corner and not want to know anything that is going on. That is where the Governor dropped the ball.

You are interested. The people are interested. The time will be needed to form a solid trust that voters will believe. Go get em!

Nobody said...

I will throw my full support behind Paul Ogden if he runs for mayor. I am totally disappointed with Ballard and as far as I'm concerned he should resign. There is nothing worse than a man who cannot stand upon principles. Good job Mayor Ballard for showing your true colors and in the nature of the filipino cuture, you are a bastos (rude man).

Sean Shepard said...

For the record and to clarify, I am unaware of any overtures made to Mr. Ogden by any Libertarian Party officials. Sounds like, per Melyssa, she, as a fan/supporter of libertarian causes, has been trying to promote the idea. I know Paul has traditionally noted a preference for the two-party system but, as many of us have over the years, if the disgust reaches a high enough level lots of us know how to field that "I'm ready to switch" call. ;-)

@ Wilson - it is worth noting that at least the Republican folks are willing to vent their disgust over one of their own rather than continually just tow a party line and party rhetoric like lemmings.

A lot of these folks just want honesty, transparency and fiscal sanity in their government and when they don't get it, it is intellectually honest and appropriate to call out elected officials. Unfortunately, I don't hear the same kind of criticism over, oh...

Obama failing to boot Geithner and demand another rich fat cat get audited with the full penalty of law imposed. Geithner goes to Treasury while they had Helio in an orange jumpsuit. Hypocrites.

"Change" coming in the form of now we bomb stuff in Pakistan instead of Iraq. Are the troops home yet Wilson??

And fiscal recklessness on a scale unparalleled and largely to bail out bankers and big corporations. And we thought Bush was bad. Geez.

On the plus side, trying to normalize relations with Cuba is a good thing and I'm all for it. Sanctions just punish the people of a country, not their leaders and it impoverishes them making them more helpless to fight back against dictators.

We'd all be better off if everyone got over "club membership" and just would honestly evaluate things based on facts, history and sound economic theory.

M Theory said...

Sean, while you are at it don't forget to give credit to the Obama's White House organic garden.

In my view, that is mega-fabulous.

And I didn't think that the Libertarians had talked to Paul Ogden about running for mayor...but then I don't know everything ;)

It's pretty cool that Ed Feigenbaum wrote that piece though. Looks like he's reading the blogs.

I hope everyone understands that while I am a Libertarian, I don't hold office inside the party, so I'm not privy to everything that does or does not go on.

artfuggins said...

First of all, Sean, is "toe the line". I have no problem with Geithner...he is intelligent and getting the job done and he has rectified his error. Believe me, I speak out to Democrat office holders when they stop serving the people....I have done that for years and wiill continue to do so.....sometimes a reasoned conversation in private is more effective than a rant on a blog or message board. I have never been referred to as Wilson's alter ego before......where is that coming from? I know Wilson and we agree on most issues and both work for the party ...but I dont get the alter ego reference.

Sean Shepard said...

Thanks Art. It occurs to me that I don't often see that phrase in print so much as speech and never thought it of it as "toeing" a line (as in military order) and so much as "towing" in carrying with or behind oneself the party rhetoric. Had never really thought about it before. I'll endeavor to get it right in the future.

I don't know if bailing out everyone's friends and resisting the market signals that assets are misallocated amongst nonperforming organizations is "doing a good job" but, hey if you think someone gets a pass for being a tax cheat for doing a good job in government why not somebody getting a pass for employing thousands of people or any other worthy endeavor?

Did he rectify his error with penalties and interest? Why did he not have to get arrested first and threatened with his life being destroyed and freedom taken away before being allowed to "rectify his error"? Do others get to "rectify their error" without being paraded in front of cameras in hand cuffs?

If he was still working for Goldman Sachs (instead of giving Goldman taxpayer money) or was appointed by a Republican you, Wilson and the whole gang would want his head on a pike.

I'm just saying, let's be intellectually honest in the debate instead of blindly partisan. ;-)

I know said...

Sean Shepard said, "I'm just saying, let's be intellectually honest in the debate instead of blindly partisan. ;-)"

In Indiana that would be a GREAT first step to start a Mayoral Campaign on!

A non profit non partisan group of honest, intellectual people with out silver spoons in their mouths and a mouthful of lies, finger pointing and self absorbed egos would be a great breath of fresh relief for hard working taxpayers!