Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fort Wayne Private Airline Owner Offers To Fly Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Body To Russia

In an unusual move, the owner of a private airline based in Fort Wayne has offered to fly the body of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev back to his family's home in Russia free of charge. The offer comes from Frank Kaiser, founder and president of Eagle's Wings Air, a private airline that specializes in transporting deceased person's remains. The offer comes after the Cambridge, Massachusetts funeral home operator who is handling Tsarnaev's remains complained that no cemeteries in Massachusetts will accept his body for burial. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports on Kaiser's offer:
A Fort Wayne company that specializes in transporting human remains has volunteered to cover the cost of flying the body of a Boston marathon bombing suspect back to his native Russia.
The offer was made as a show of support for Worcester, Mass., funeral home director Peter Stefan, who hasn't been able to find a cemetery in Massachusetts willing to take the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, said Frank Kaiser, president and CEO of Eagle's Wings Air.
The company's offer was also made with hopes of easing the pain among greater Boston residents by resolving the issue of what to do with Tsarnaev's body.
"We empathize with the residents of Cambridge and surrounding communities and their objections to having Tsarnaev's final resting place located near them," Kaiser said Tuesday in a written statement. "We are offering to facilitate the air transportation of the deceased's remains out of the United States on an international commercial flight at no charge to the funeral home, the city of Cambridge or any taxpayers."
Kaiser made it clear that his company was not extending the offer to Tsarnaev's family and noted that the cost of shipping a person's remains to Russia is upward of $5,000.
"We have not offered to pay that fee on behalf of the family of the deceased," he said.
Kaiser insisted the offer is not a publicity stunt. "We stand ready to offer our assistance at no profit to our company," he said.
The CEO described his company, founded in 2007, as the nation's leader in shipping human remains. He said his business made 15,000 such transports domestically and internationally in 2012 . . .
Tsarnaev's mother has said she wants his body returned to Russia, but it's not at all clear that local police will allow his body to be taken out of the country. At the same time, the mayors of Cambridge and Boston have publicly declared their intent to block his burial in their communities, along with a string of other public officials in Massachusetts.

Tsarnaev's parents also wanted to conduct an independent autopsy on his body. They insist their sons are innocent and have alleged that their sons were framed by elements of the U.S. government, which have been in contact with her sons for years, for their alleged roles in the bombings. The FBI confirmed it had interviewed Tsarnaev prior to the bombings as part of an investigation only after Tsarnaev's mother publicly accused them of handling her son. The FBI originally denied any prior contacts with him. Russian authorities have also publicly disclosed that they warned both the FBI and the CIA of their concerns Tsarnaev may have ties to terrorists long before the bombings.

Tsarnaev's uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, took charge of handling his nephew's funeral arrangements after his parents dropped travel plans to the U.S. due to concerns that they might face federal or state criminal charges should they step foot on American soil. Tsarnaev's mother has an outstanding shoplifting case against her, which was defaulted after she failed to return to the country to face trial on the charge. Ruslan Tsarni was outed by alternative media as an agent of the CIA after he publicly accused his nephews of committing the bombings. Tsarni has been employed by USAID, a cut out agency of the CIA and once lived with a top CIA official, Graham Fuller, while he was married to Fuller's daughter. It has further been shown that Tsarni helped establish a nonprofit organization that aided Chechen rebels tied to terrorism is Russia, even using Fuller's home address as a mailing address for the organization.

Kaiser, the founder and president of Eagle's Wings Air, is a trained pilot who served four years in the U.S. Navy, which included duty aboard the USS America aircraft carrier. The America was frequently deployed for missions in Vietnam and the Middle East hotspots before setting out on its last mission in 1996. The ship was later sunk in 2005 southeast of Cape Hatteras, the largest warship ever to be intentionally sunk.

UPDATE: Please check out this updated report from Boiling Frogs telling you things about Graham Fuller and Ruslan Tsarni the Obama administration and the mainstream media don't want you to know as they continue their desperate attempt to pin the blame for the Boston bombings on Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. If anyone has any knowledge of CIA ties to Eagle's Wings Air or Frank Kaiser, please share. Those ties are popping up everywhere, even if the mainstream media chooses to ignore them. I would also encourage Hoosier readers to contact Sen. Dan Coats' office and ask why he, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, remains silent on the CIA ties to the Boston bombing suspects. Members of his staff regularly read this blog so I know they are quite aware of what's been reported here.

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