Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman Admits To Reporters She Plotted With Boyfriend To Rob Former Council Member

I'm not sure why the Indianapolis Star has become obsessed with the love life of former Indianapolis City-County Councilor Curt Coonrod, or the sad lack thereof to be more precise, but it has another big story today discussing the woman he supposedly believed was a friend who police say plotted with her boyfriend to rob him at gunpoint and steal his car while pretending to be kidnapped. Coonrod, astonishingly, believes the woman he says he met on a social Internet site is innocent. Here's more on Star reporter John Boren's jailhouse interview with her:
The woman accused of robbing former Marion County politician Curtis Coonrod plotted against him after feeling overwhelmed by his repeated sexual advances, she told The Indianapolis Star on Wednesday.
“He wanted kissing and feeling, and that was something that did not interest me at all,” Cheyenne Poole, 21, said in an exclusive interview from the Marion County Jail. “But I never wanted to tell him that, just because I didn’t want him to be angry.”
Poole confessed to organizing an armed robbery Friday against Coonrod, a former Marion County auditor and City-County Council member. Coonrod has insisted the two were just friends, but Poole said Coonrod wanted something more not long after meeting her on the “” dating website. Its motto is the “Elite Sugar Daddy Dating Site for those Seeking.” . . .
Coonrod, who is single, told The Star he could not recall having a profile on the dating site but did not deny meeting Poole there.
“I’ve heard of that site, and I’ve seen it,” said Coonrod, 58, Lawrence. “So I just don’t remember if that’s where I met her. But she says it was, so I’m not disputing that.” . . .
Coonrod, a public accountant, said he felt attracted to Poole but would not discuss whether he was intimate with her . . .
But Coonrod remains convinced Poole is innocent, even saying he feels confident the charges will be dropped. He is furious, he said, that he hasn’t been able to speak to Poole since the robbery. That is because of an order of protection the court placed on Poole, which bans suspects from talking to victims.
“They are bullies, the Lawrence police detectives,” Coonrod said. “I don’t detect that they are interested in justice. They are interested in proving themselves right, and they decided before there was any evidence that she was guilty.”
Lawrence Detective Jim Vaughan scoffed at the accusation, saying he has never heard someone confess to a crime in his 15 years as quickly or easily as Poole.
“I just don’t understand how we were bullies,” he told The Star. “I think we went above and beyond on the investigation.”
Uh, Curt, she was driving the car you reported stolen when she took an entirely different police agency in a different city on high speed chase. Why would a kidnapped victim flee the police in your stolen car? Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be losing it?

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