Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Missing The Obvious?

WHDH 7 News in Boston has obtained before and after images from a viewer who was sitting directly across from the site of one of yesterday's bomb blasts during the Boston Marathon. In the first picture, an odd-looking, large bag placed next to a mail box sticks out like a sore thumb. The bag is no longer present in second image taken seconds after the explosion and would appear to be the source of the explosion.

Citing sources close to the investigation, CBS News reports that the bombs were fashioned by placing explosive materials inside 6-liter kitchen pressure cookers, hidden in black duffel bags packed with metal shards, nails and ball bearings and left on the ground. Similar explosions have been used in bombings in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan according to the report. The bag in the image above looks nothing like a black duffel bag. It's hard to figure out how such an object wouldn't have drawn some one's attention as being suspicious in nature. It's almost as bad as the scene in "Animal House" during the parade when nobody seemed to notice the mischief the boys from Delta Tau Chi house were planning before they struck with maximum impact.

On another note, there are shades of 9/11 already. Remember the anthrax mail attacks launched against members of Congress and members of the news media immediately after the 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and how the FBI tried to frame Steven Hatfill, a bio-weapons expert for a government lab, for masterminding the plot that claimed five victims and made 17 other persons seriously ill before later blaming it on a dead guy? CNN reports that a letter addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) tested positive for the deadly poison ricin after it was routinely tested at an off-site mail facility. Interestingly, an undetonated bomb found in an abandoned backpack along a parade route for an MLK celebration in Spokane, Washington two years ago, which was designed similar to the bombs thought to be used yesterday, was found to be packed with metal pellets and laced with rat poison. It was said the chemical substance would worsen injuries sustained by victims by preventing the victim's blood from coagulating.

In an unrelated development, "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane is claiming to be a victim of an "abhorrent hoax" because of YouTube clips uploaded to the Internet from a recent episode of his animated cartoon showing the show's main character, Peter Griffin, inadvertently blowing up a bridge by entering a number into his cell phone after a separate scene in the same episode where Griffin is depicted winning the Boston Marathon by using his car to mow down all the runners competing in the race. InfoWar's Paul Joseph Watson explains why there is no hoax, despite the mainstream media rallying to MacFarlane's defense and complains about mainstream media censorship of pointing to the obvious. MacFarlane's twisted form of comedy has often made light of terrorism. He's the last to claim to be the victim of any hoax.


Indy Rob said...

Every media "fact" about the marathon bombs needs to be looked at with a lot of scepticism. There is such a vacuum of actual verifiable facts that a lot of speculation is getting reported and repeated as the truth. This is not because of some conspiracy to hide the truth or fabricate an incident, it is that the media is full of birdbrains who can repeat things without ever considering whether or not things are true.

Bombs in 6 liter sized pressure cookers inside black duffel bags? This is way too specific to know at this time. Most likely someone speculated the size of the bomb, and someone else had seen an IED and knew the approx size, and someone else had seen black duffel bags. Put them all together and you have the lead story on cbs news.

Show a picture of a destroyed black duffel bag, maybe a ripped apart pressure cooker before asserting something like that is true. The media is not part of some huge conspiracy, they are just idiots.

Pete Boggs said...

IR is right about facts & media idiots. But, those are known & unfortunately commonly misused devices in the Middle East & India.

The borrowed "logic" of statists / slow-cialists would suggest a ban on assault-bombs, terrorism & marathons.

Downtown Indy said...

In video of the explosion it looked like the blast originated at the back of the crowd.

Kilroy said...

Except that the fence next to the mailbox was bent around the mailbox, meaning that the bomb was on the other side of the fence than the bag pictures in that photo.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Dr. K Khaleel, a major supporter of Dr. Ron Paul is way ahead of you, Gary. He is posting his evidentiary findings about the Boston Bombing at www.NoDisinfo.com., along with those about Sandy Hook.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Btw, NoDisinfo.com is constantly being hacked, denied service, since drkresearch began posting info about Sandy Hook there, so don't be surprised if you are routed to somewhere else. Once, NoDisinfo.com's provider remedies the DDOS problems, due to the enemies of truth and free speech, you can subscribe, free of charge.