Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lugar Buries The Hatchet With Mourdock

The National Republican Senatorial Committee tells the Politico's Scott Wong that Sen. Richard Lugar has buried the hatchet with Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who defeated him in the May primary when he sought re-election to an unprecedented seventh term after a hard-fought, often bitter race. When Sen. Lugar learned that Mourdock would be speaking at the Committee's luncheon in Washington today, he asked to be afforded the opportunity to introduce Mourdock. Sen John Cornyn, the Committee's Chairman, said that Mourdock returned the favor to Lugar by "praising Lugar's life-time of public service to Indiana and the country." Mourdock was seated between Lugar and Sen. Dan Coats during the luncheon according to Wong. "Lugar was 'incredibly, incredibly gracious,' Mourdock told reporters upon leaving the lunch." “It was a very important symbol of how we’ve come together to support a Republican running for office,” Coats told POLITICO. “I’ve gotten the sense that Senator Lugar has reached out to him in friendship, and Richard has acknowledged receipt of that, and I’m very pleased with what took place today.”

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