Monday, April 25, 2011

Rosenberg Orders Hearing On White Recount Commission Proceeding Delay

Marion Co. Circuit Court Judge Louis Rosenberg, who three weeks ago ordered the Indiana Recount Commission to hear a petition filed by the Indiana Democratic Party challenging Secretary of State Charlie White's eligibility to hold office because he allegedly cast a vote from a precinct in which he did not reside, has issued an order granting the Democrats' request for a hearing on the Republican Party's failure to name a replacement for White on the Commission and to proceed with hearing their petition. White's attorney, James Bopp, says the Recount Commission cannot proceed with hearing the petition because he has appealed Judge Rosenberg's order to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals, however, has not issued an order granting a stay of those proceedings. Judge Rosenberg's order gives state GOP Chairman Eric Holcomb two days to appoint White's replacement on the Commission, and he has requested the Commission's Director, Brad Skolnick, to appear and explain why the Commission should not be held in contempt of his order for not moving more quickly in scheduling a rehearing of the Democrats' petition.

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