Tuesday, April 05, 2011

NFL Jeopardy

The category is "By The Numbers". The answer is "The number of players arrested since the 2011 players lockout began." The correct response, "What is nine?" The list:

1.  Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabe arrested for felony theft at Belterra casino in Florence, Indiana.
2.  Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy resisted arrest after being pulled over with possession of unlabeled Viagara pills.
3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Aqib TalibTalib surrendered to Texas police in late March on a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
4.  Free agent RB Laurence Maroney was charged with a misdemeanor because of possession of marijuana.
5.  Minnesota Vikings CB Chris CookCook was arrested in early March for reportedly brandishing a gun during a verbal altercation with a neighbor.
6.  Philadelphia Eagles OT Jason Peters was released after paying a reported $628 bond following his arrest in Shreveport, La., in late March after being charged with violating the city's loud music policy and resisting arrest.
7.  Oakland Raiders OL Mario Henderson was reportedly pulled over by police for having his music too loud and was arrested for having a gun in his car and not having a concealed weapons permit.
8.  Dallas Cowboys CB Bryan McCann was taken into a Dallas detox center after being cited for public intoxication.
9.  Green Bay Packers DT Johnny Jolly, who was suspended for the 2010 season stemming from an earlier charge, was arrested March 25 and accused of possessing 600 grams of codeine syrup in his Cadillac Escalade.


allisonvilleroad said...

So what is your point? There are 53 active players on 32 teams for a total of 1696 players. That is not counting the players on the practice squad. I know you hate the Colts, but what is your point?

Advance Indiana said...

No, I don't hate the Colts, but I do hate taxpayers being taxed to subsidize the billionaire sports team owners like Irsay.