Saturday, April 02, 2011

Congressman Says Women May Accuse Partners Of Rape To Obtain Tax-Funded Abortions

A lawmaker during a discussion of legislation pertaining to abortion has suggested some women may falsely accuse their sex partners of raping them in order to get tax-funded abortions. No, I'm not talking about Indiana's leading anti-abortion legislator, Rep. Eric Turner, whose comments went viral on the Internet earlier this week when he suggested women may fabricate claims they were raped or the victims of incest in order to obtain a late-term abortion. The comments this time were made by a Democratic member of Congress. U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) worried about the "unintended consequences" of legislation that would prevent a number of federal tax credits and tax deductions from being used for abortion, or for health plans that cover abortion, but contains exceptions for abortions sought in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. Rep. Kind worried the legislation was "almost encouraging low-income women, that would have this benefit denied from them, to file false claims of rape — whether it’s against a boyfriend, whether it’s against an acquaintance, perhaps even a husband — in order to avoid, you know, the consequences that this legislation, the financial consequences that this legislation would bring." I'm guessing all of the Lefties who expressed outrage at Rep. Turner's comments won't have much to say about Rep. Kind's comments.

The National Right to Life Committee noted the hypocrisy of the argument made by Rep. Kind, a supporter of tax-funded abortions on demand, in opposition to the proposed federal legislation. "He seems to assume a high level of dishonesty and a low level of common sense among the low-income women to whom he refers, presumably including those residing in his own district," Douglas Johnson of NRLC said. "We think it would show more sincerity on Kind’s part if he just admitted that he wants to vote to please the pro-abortion activist groups that favor federal subsidies for elective abortion, and stop trying to hide behind ludicrous arguments like this one.” I also couldn't help but wonder if the organization would have problems with the legislation pushed here in Indiana by Rep. Turner, HB 1214, which would ban late-term abortions (20 weeks or more) without providing exceptions for rape or incest.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

So why hasn't THIS story been all over the MSM like the prior one?
Oh...I forgot...if a democrat says it, it's OK.

Advance Indiana said...

You got it, CT. It's like they are living in a parallel universe.