Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How Do You Deal With A Guy Who Can't Even Accept His Own Public Statements?

Check out this video WTHR recorded of the meeting between House Speaker Brian Bosma and House Democratic Leader Pat Bauer and their respective legislative leaders in Bosma's office today. Go to 4:15 in the video where you will hear Speaker Bosma ask Bauer what it will take to get the Democratic caucus to return to the State House from their exile in Illinois. Bosma related that demand Bauer put out last week that he and Gov. Daniels agree that 11 legislative items will not be called down for consideration for the remainder of the session as a condition to the House Democrats agreeing to return to the State House. Bauer remarkably claims he never made such a demand; he said they were only expressed in terms of concerns his caucus had. Bosma then read from Bauer's own public statement, at which point Bauer asked to see the statement from which Bosma was reading--the one everyone who has followed the State House news the past week have all read. Bauer then took issue with his own words and began dissembling. He suggested there had been unrecorded conversations between him and Bosma that would indicate otherwise. Pressed, Bauer seemed to suggest the demand list was down to 9 bills, but perhaps those matters could be sent to a study committee rather than being acted upon. He seemed clueless on the latest amendments being offered to the school voucher bill that specifically addressed concerns raised by his caucus. He then fumbled with his iPad and began looking to staff for assistance. Listening to this guy incoherently mumble and stumble his way through this meeting you have to wonder how he continues to get elected year after year as the Democratic leader. He certainly doesn't make a good impression in these discussions witnessed by a bevy of State House reporters. You can view all of the videos of the meeting by clicking here.

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