Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charlie White Said He Feared For His Safety When Attorney Snapped Photo Of Him

A police report filed in the scuffle that took place a couple of weeks ago between Secretary of State Charlie White with attorney Tim Stoesz after Stoesz took a picture of him includes statements from White, his father and Stoesz. "I was momentarily afraid for my safety since I am a statewide official involved in highly publicized legal cases," White stated in explaining why he called for police assistance. White and his father were waiting for his mother to conclude her testimony before a grand jury being conducted by a special prosecutor to determine whether he committed vote fraud when the disturbance occurred. "I was on my cell phone on the 2nd floor [of the Hamilton Co. Judicial Center] waiting for my mother to get done . . .  when a man came very quickly toward me and held a camera phone near my face. It was startling to me he moving (sic) so quickly toward me." White says Stoesz yelled "punk" and "your finished" at him. He said Stoesz asked him, "Don't you have anything else better to do?" Some of Stoesz' comments were audible on a video taken of the incident by Stoesz' friend, Shelley Haymaker, an attorney who serves as Director of the Hamilton Co. GAL Program.

In his statement, Stoesz describes Whites's father Darrell as the aggressor. "I was confronted by Charlie White's father who flipped me off and alleged I was harrassing him," after he said he took Charlie's picture with his cell phone. "I attempted to walk away and was followed by Charlie White's father." "I walked away at the request of Sheriff's deputies." Stoesz confirmed there was no physical contact between the men. White's father described Stoesz as being "belligerant, abusive and threatening." "He kept up the menacing attitude and I was thinking for my son's well-being." "With recent incidents in Arizona, people are getting killed by strangers just like Mr. Stoesz." White's father claimed police ordered Stoesz to "cease and desist but he refused and kept coming back and yelling at me and Charlie."

The sheriff's deputy who responded to the disturbance said after speaking to the witnesses and reviewing the video taken by Haymaker, he determined no criminal activity took place. You can view Haymaker's video of the incident at this earlier post.

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varangianguard said...

So, let's review.

Secy. White's father has probably just slandered Mr. Stoesz by hinting that his photographic behavior is the equivalent to murderous intent. pretty sure they already knew Mr. Stoesz.

Secy. White had to have his Mommy and Daddy attest to his good intentions. Why? Who else testified on his behalf? His kindy-garden teacher?

Secy. White can't stand up for himself in a public hallway. Had to have Daddy protect him.

That is just so sweet on so many levels.