Monday, October 25, 2010

Professor Of Law Emeritus Henry Karlson, RIP

Professor of Law Emeritus Henry Karlson (Aug. 17, 1943 to Oct. 25, 2010) of the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis succumbed this evening to complications from an aggressive form of leukemia. He was 67. "You are my hero and very loved by your wife, son, daughter and family and friends," his daughter Elizabeth Karlson writes on her Facebook site tonight. I really enjoyed the many conversations I had with Professor Karlson in recent years discussing the law and politics. I learned something new each time I talked to him. Like myself, he had grown extremely disillusioned by the state of political affairs in this country. He treasured and respected the U.S. Constitution. Henry loved the law, and he knew it well. His specialty was criminal law. My heart goes out to his wife, Nancy, Liz and his family and the many friends and former law students who dearly loved him. I'm sure Henry is in a better place now.


Covenant60 said...

Man that is awful news. He took a lot of his own time to help me through Evidence.

Henry Kalson RIP

He will be missed terribly.

What a great guy.

Unknown said...

A great professor who cared for his students and was always willing to take time to talk. I am sorry to hear the news.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am not surprised to read here that the greatly respected Professor Karlson was extremely disillusioned with the state of political affairs in America today. Who is not?