Monday, October 18, 2010

Lights Out For Club Level

The controversial Club Level nightclub, formerly known as The Vault, located in downtown Indianapolis on Market Street lost a bid to get its liquor license renewed today. The club has been the scene of multiple shootings and hundreds of arrests over the past several years, including the recent shooting of an IMPD officer who was one of four off-duty police officers who provided security to the club. Fox59 News' Russ McQuaid reports on the action:

Monday, the Marion County Alcohol Beverage Board voted to deny Club Level a renewal of its liquor license. An attorney representing a violence plagued downtown nightclub has told the Marion County Alcohol Beverage Board that the bar will close in early 2011.

Mark Webb appeared before the board on behalf of Club Level, the scene of an early morning shooting two weekends ago that left a police officer wounded.

During the hearing, commissioners took testimony from IMPD officer Bill Carter who detailed hundreds of police calls to the clubs address at 120 East Market Street for a variety of complaints including public intoxication, fights, shootings and murders.

Mike Campbell of the neighboring Hilton Garden Inn testified that his customers feel intimidated by Club Level crowds spilling into the street and that the hotel often leaves rooms vacant on the side facing the club due to noise.

Cheryl Pitzer of Huntington Bank estimates her business spends $25,000 a year on additional security because of Club Level.

"The time has come to take their license away," said an attorney representing a nearby landlord James Amin.

Webb is representing Club Level owner Thomas Vittorio. He complained his client hasn't had enough time to prepare for the hearing and unsuccessfully sought a continuance.

Club Level can appeal the decision to the state Alcohol Tobacco and Beverage Commission.
It's laughable that Club Level's attorney would complain that his client was not given sufficient time to prepare for the hearing. According to the club's liquor license record on the state Alcohol & Tobacco Commission website, the license originally expired on July 3, 2010 but got extended to January 3, 2011. A hearing on the club's renewal had earlier been scheduled for a September hearing but got continued. It looks to me like it got six more months of operation than it should have gotten.


artfuggins said...

I hope this sends a message to the irresponible club owners who allow thugs to hang out and misbehave. My question is where will the Pacers hang out if it closes.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Indianapolis is now considered one of the ten most dangerous cities in the USA, and who knows for what other establishments here it soon might be lights out. A lot of people in the know, are advising me to get out.