Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's $15 Million To The Billionaire Simons?

Fifteen Million Dollars. That's how much the CIB is planning to fork over a year to the billionaire Simons to keep their Pacers NBA franchise happy even before they make their first demand in their lease renegotiations for Conseco Fieldhouse. That also coincidentally happens to be the same amount of money it would take to buy out the remainder of disgraced Pacer Jamaal Tinsley's contract. "Tinsley has two years and $14.7 million left on his contract after this season," writes Star sports reporter Mike Wells today. Despite his multi-million dollar contract with the Pacers, he's been told to stay away from the team because of his numerous run-ins with the law. He plans to file a grievance against the team because they won't trade him. Let's see, there was the brawl at Club Rio. There was a fist fight at 8 Seconds Saloon. And then there was the shootout downtown following a dispute at Cloud Nine during which a trainer for the Pacers who was a passenger in Tinsley's automobile was shot. So Jamaal Tinsley misbehaves and you the taxpayers pay the price. How much time did Tinsley serve in jail for these various offenses? None would be the correct answer. Oh well, as long as Bren Simon has the money to purchase another Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles for $28 million, that's what is important. Right?


Downtown Indy said...

Maybe the Simons can work out a commission deal with Jim Voyles to get a cut of his fees for keeping Pacers out of the slammer and minimizing their tarnishing the team's image.

Patriot Paul said...

It would be bad for any pacer to be in jail. they couldn't take their gold grill there. In fact, I think 1 is still looking for his gold toof.

varangianguard said...

Maybe we should start passing on all associated costs in professional athlete arrests, trials and/or incarcerations directly to the team(s) involved?