Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Former Judge Gary Miller Forms New Law Firm

Former Marion Superior Court Judge Gary Miller has formed a new law firm with his spouse, Tammy J. Meyer. Some of you may recall the controversy that erupted following last year's Marion Co. GOP judicial slating when two, long-time civil court judges, Kenneth Johnson and Miller, were not re-slated. A third Republican criminal court judge, John Hammel, also was denied re-slating. All three accepted the slating outcome and did not challenge the slated Republican judicial candidates in the May primary. A press release announcing the formation of MillerMeyer, LLP reads:

Former Marion Superior Court Judge Gary L. Miller, and Tammy J. Meyer, a former senior partner at Lewis Wagner, LLP, announce that they are forming the law firm of MillerMeyer, LLP .

Judge Miller retired from the bench at the end of 2008. He served for 10 years in major felony court, and 8 years in the civil division. He served as President of the Indianapolis Bar Association in 2003, and remains an Adjunct Professor of Law at the IU School of Law at Indianapolis. Miller is a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of legal ethics and trial advocacy.

Ms. Meyer has been consistently listed as a Super Lawyer and one of the Top 25 Women Lawyers in Indiana in Indianapolis Monthly. For the past 20 years, she has been a litigator focusing on product liability, medical device, business litigation, and insurance defense. She is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from trial tactics to environmental coverage issues. She is active in the Indianapolis Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, and the International Association of Defense Counsel.

Miller will focus on mediation, civil and criminal litigation, and legal ethics. Ms. Meyer will continue to focus on litigation in the areas of medical products, business, and insurance defense.


Douglass said...

The GOP should stop slating candidates before primaries. A contested primary gets media attention, which is free advertising. The Democrats dominated media coverage on primary day in Indiana with the GOP only having a handful of contested races.

Diana Vice said...

They should also stop slating candidates at state conventions. I prefered it when we had spirited debates and real contests. Now, delegates are nothing more than serfs at a coronation ceremony.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It's really sad how PCs are indoctrinated into believe that slating is a way that they can have a voice in the process. They don't get it that for every one of them, there is an appointed mummy-dummy PC who is there just to vote the "right way" at slating.

It's another one of those things, that on paper looks good. - PCs are elected by their neighbors and then goes and makes a recommendation to the voters as to who is the best person for the position.

JudgeNot said...

thanks for the post!!