Friday, February 01, 2008

Jennings Appointment Given Second Life

After being nominated earlier this week for a position on the Citizens Police Complaint Board, Gary Jennings learned from CCC President Bob Cockrum that his appointment would not move forward due to a 14-year-old DUI conviction on Jennings' driving record. After Advance Indiana and other blogs reported on the fate of Jennings' nomination, many rallied to support Jennings. Today, Councilor Ryan Vaughn, who sponsored the resolution nominating Jennings, contacted Jennings with a bit of good news. Jennings' nomination will move forward and be acted upon at the February 11 council meeting. Congratulations to Jennings and a big thanks to CCC President Bob Cockrum for reconsidering his earlier decision. I would emphasize that the Board to which Jennings is being appointed has no say over whether a police officer is terminated or disciplined. It simply makes recommendations to IMPD based upon citizen input.

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Anonymous said...

After reading the story about Bob Grand's appointment issues, I can understand why the GOP didn't want to block Jennings nomination for such a minor matter.