Thursday, February 07, 2008

Delph And Mejia Investigated

Advance Indiana first raised the issue and now the U.S. Army Reserve is launching an investigation into why Lt. Col. Ray Mejia appeared with Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel) in full military uniform at a State House press conference to express support for Delph's legislation, which is meant to crack down on employers who hire undocumented aliens. The Star's Dan McFeely reports today that both Mejia and Delph, a Captain in the Army Reserve and Mejia's commanding officer, are being investigated for violating U.S. military code of conduct by having Mejia participate in political activity while dressed in full uniform. As McFeely explains:

The U.S. Army Reserve has launched an investigation into a Hispanic soldier and state Sen. Mike Delph after the soldier wore his uniform at a Statehouse news conference earlier this week.

Delph, a Republican senator from Carmel who has been the center of controversy over his proposed illegal immigration bill, said he expected to be questioned tonight at Fort Harrison.

Delph is a captain and company commander of the Army Reserve's 310th Expeditionary Support Command.

The solider at his news conference, Lt. Col. Ray Mejia, oversees that unit's distribution management center.On Monday, Delph and Mejia held their news conference at the Indiana Statehouse in which Mejia -- a high-ranking Hispanic
-- announced his support of Delph's illegal immigration bill. He used the media spotlight to describe his journey from Mexican immigrant to U.S. citizen by way of a U.S. military program designed to accelerate the citizenship process.

Mejia wore his uniform at the press conference, which could be a violation of military rules. A spokesman for the Army Reserve was not immediately able to confirm the investigation nor answer questions.

Delph said this morning that he and Mejia will accept the consequences.

"I spoke to Lt. Col. Mejia this morning and we feel that the uniform was relevant to how he became a citizen," said Delph, "and to refute the ongoing allegations of racial undertones to this bill.

"If we had to do it over again, we would do the same thing. And if there are military consequences, we both will accept them."


Anonymous said...

Not to worry Mikey, daddy Danny B. will come to the resuce like he always does...

Anonymous said...

The citizens of this country are on the losing end of this battle-anyone that tries to make the government enforce our immigration laws is shut down-they come out of the woodwork to fight it-So they will shut down attempts to stop this invasion and it will continue this way -anything run amok will produce consequences. Glad Delph hasn't backed down

Gary R. Welsh said...

Delph said, "If we had to do it over again, we would do the same thing. And if there are military consequences, we both will accept them."

That's not a wise statement to make publicly right before you go before investigators. Delph should not be making any public statements about his or Mejia's actions until the investigation is concluded. That comment, in particular, will further infuriate military investigators.

Another point I would make from the standpoint of the military, people who are in the country illegally are able to gain a legal path to citizenship through service in the military. It's okay to be undocumented and join the military, but you can't get a job?

MissouriDemocrat said...

It figures that only an Indiana State Senator can thumb his nose at rules and regulations in the name of some cause. He says he would do it again just like that? Well if there is a Constitutional Amendment this state needs it sure isn't about Gay Marriage but rather about Recall. We should be able to recall this office holder and send him packing home without a title and portfolio for so flaunting the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

The real ongoing political tragedy is that 5:58's vote counts the same as yours and mine. What a tool.

Glad Delph "hasn't backed down" ? Are you freaking serious? He took an oath as a senator and one as a reserve captain. He just violated at least one of those. I've heard him speak many times, and he worked for Dan Burton for awhile. No one will accuse him of being a genius.

Tell ya what, 5:58--my uncle is a light colonel in another state's reserves. He fervently believes, at age 56, that the military should allow gays to serve unharrassed. Using your logic re: ignoring the UCMJ, should he then exercise his first amendment rights, in full uniform, and make public appearances denouncing the military's insane gay policies?

Careful what you wish for.

This just in: today, Dan used the Burton brain, so tomorrow it's Woody's turn. I wonder what precious far-right cause will get its own free vanity plate now?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't "Captain" Delph been parroting "the rule of law" over and over while supporting this legislation?

So, what I'm hearing him say is, "the rule of law, unless it doesn't fit my agenda."

Anonymous said...

The rule of law applies to everyone, even light colonels and state senators.

But it never ceases to amaze me what some hypocrites will do to advance their pet causes.

Where are all the kooks who were barking at us about "rule of law" last week?

Anonymous said...

What's to "investigate"? Bunch of ding dongs.

Anonymous said...

As someone who supports the general concept of Delph's bill, I find this stunt of his reprehensible. And his inane comments afterwards exacerbate the problem.

I hope he gets demoted. He used Mejia and he used everyone who was supporting his attempt to bring attention to this issue.

It probably does not matter anyway, because eventually the goals of the SPP and North American Forum will probably be achieved.

I hope everyone is happy at the results.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite:

What's SSP and North American Forum?

New World Order stuff? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

7:12, It's New World Order conspiracy crap like Ron Paul was barking about. New coins, new country new men in black the whole schmeeel. Oh, and the Freemasons are in charge of it all.LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe just this one time, justice will prevail and Mejia will be demoted

Anonymous said...

Funny, I'm a Freemason. I didn't get the memo. Strange.