Saturday, February 09, 2008

Carson Takes Swipe At Democratic Opponents

At a campaign event intended to rally supporters for his campaign, Democratic candidate Andre Carson took a broad swipe at both his Republican and Democratic opponents. A video tape of today's event, which you can view by clicking here, shows Carson responding to criticism about his slating at a recent caucus of Democratic committeepersons of the 7th congressional district to run in the special election to replace his grandmother, the late Rep. Julia Carson (D). A number of Democrats have complained that the caucus vote was rigged by party leaders to ensure Carson's election, a point another elected Democratic officeholder made to me again just last night. Carson said his Democratic and Republican opponents criticized his supporters for saying Democratic precinct committeepersons "aren't smart enough", are "blind followers" who "vote without thinking about who we're voting for," "that we're ignorant," "that we're not Ivy League", "that we're not where they are, but they expect us to support them." Some of these comments appear directly aimed at State Rep. David Orentlicher (D-Indianapolis), who is both a lawyer and a doctor, and the Democrats who support him. Orentlicher is a graduate of Harvard Medical School.

Carson went on to talk about leadership. He said the best model for leadership is the "servant" model of leadership. "We need leaders who aren't bought and paid for," he declared. "We need leaders who will make sure we have universal health care," he declared. "We need the kind of accessible leadership that we've seen from Congressman Jacobs and Congressman (sic) Carson," he continued. "We need the kind of leadership that will be bold in helping get our troops back to this country." "We spend billions every week to help build their roads and their schools? What about our roads and schools?" At a point in his speech when he began speaking about how his campaign needed money and a recent fundraiser in D.C. for his benefit, the video recording appears to have been edited to cut out comments Carson made before concluding his speech.

Carson was introduced at the event by former Rep. Andy Jacobs (D-Indianapolis), who was the firt major Democrat to endorse Carson's bid, just like he did when his grandmother, Julia, sought the 7th District seat upon Jacobs retirement from Congress. In introducing the younger Carson, Jacobs noted the similarities between him and Carson. "I was 33 when I was first elected to Congress, he's 33." "I had two post-secondary degrees, he has two post-secondary degrees." "I was a former police officer, he is a former police officer." "But the biggest thing we have in common is that I was an Andy, and he's an Andre." Jacobs omitted the obvious thing the two have in common. Jacobs rode into office based on the connections of his well-known political father, Andy Jacobs, Sr., former Marion County Prosecutor. Carson, of course, is attempting to ride into office on the connections of his late grandmother, U.S. Rep. Julia Carson.

UPDATE: The Carson supporter who posted the YouTube clip of Carson's speech before party faithful, Wilson Allen, has since pulled the clip. Perhaps the Carson campaign didn't like the image this speech portrayed of their candidate.


Wilson46201 said...

Jonathon Robert Elrod is the son of Bob Elrod, longtime GOP activist and Assistant County Attorney, 1967-1968. County Attorney, 1969. Assistant City Attorney, Indianapolis, 1970-1971. City-County Counsel, 1972-2004.

Jon's only employment has been 5 years in his Dad's business...

Anonymous said...

First off, it's a little unfair to say Andy Jacobs coasted into office. He worked hard. And continued to win for the better part of three decades, except that one Hudnut loss no one can figure out.

Secondly, if Andre really wants to open this "insult" can of worms, he's living in a glass house. Really stupid move.

Thirdly, Andre, we aren't spending billions a week on the stupid war. It's slightly less than one billion. Small point, but, in such cases, it pays to be a little more accurate. Consult the Congressional Budget Office's figures. They're readily available.

No one said that we precinct folks were ignorant, Andre, so stop manufacturing pity ala Hillary. But there is a widespread resentment about that slating convention. I can tick off multiple problems, but suffice it to say, you won the necessary votes to avoid a second ballot: by three votes.

I know five people who tried to vote, are authorized committeemen, and could not vote. To be fair, I think two of them would've voted for Andre, but that's not the point. The convention was an organizational mess. The state party blamed the county party, and vice versa. I don't care who was responsible. It was awful.

Take the high road, Andre. You're a little young and inexperienced to succumb to the gutter politics so early. Once you do it, there's no further "down" to go.

Wilson46201 said...

I just checked: Daddy Bob Elrod is back again as Counsel to the Council. His son, Jon, is running for Congress as the "anti-nepotism" candidate? Sure he is!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, Anyone who knows Bob Elrod knows he doesn't pull strings for anyone, including his own son. Jon independently sought and won each of his elective offices. His father isn't a politician. Further, Jon has legitimate degrees from Xavier University and IU. No mail order degrees. And finally, Jon, like his father, is a competent and able attorney and is respected as such in the legal community. Can Andre say he is a respected person in the law enforcement community as a state excise police officer who finished 88th out of 89 in his class at the law enforcement academy?

Wilson46201 said...

Iraq War spending: $163.4 billion for this year.

Anonymous said...

Just a few things:

"Don't need no sound system". Nice command of the English language. Must have learned how to speak at Julia's knee.

Maybe Andre found Julia "accessible" but most of the constituents I don't think would agree with that. I know plenty of people who never got a response from the late congresswomans office.

Money for schools? Andre, go ask Carl Drummer, he is sitting on millions and it isn't his money! It is OURS!

What were the remarks about Nancy Pelosi and Andre had to be careful because his wife was in the room???? Andre, do you reduce ALL women to the way they look??? Nancy got there because of her BRAINS. Let me speak slowly, he had nothing to do with the way she LOOKED. Your back-assward thinking is ancient.

Finally, are you asking us to give YOU the rebate money???? That is sure what it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Go troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I want Carson to explain what he plans to do in his role as emmissary of Louis Farrakhan. If elected would Farrakhan go to Washington with him?

Wilson46201 said...

Dear hateful anonymous nobody:

This is a moderated blog - you are NOT the moderator. I made the video that the grownups are talking about today. You are simply trolling.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Carson said, "We need leaders who aren't bought and paid for."

Isn't that exactly what Carson did when he became a member of the City-County Council? He doesn't think Cripe Engineering hired him as a marketing rep because he was the most qualified canidates does he?

Anonymous said...

What did you edit out of the video, Wilson?

Anonymous said...

So the real Andre is revealed with those sexist bullsh*t comments on Nancy Pelosi! Reducing women to OBJECTS! This is infuriating! I am sure his thoughts are that women should be paid less for doing the same job as a man too! I am sure he wants his DAUGHTER treated like that too!!

This makes me SO mad. And don't even bring up about Julia and how much he respected and admired her, he would NEVER say that crap if it were truth.

What a sexist pig!

Anonymous said...


Technically, the war expenditure is for Iraqi and Afghan battles.

Iraqi-specific expenses are about $1 billion a week.

Of course, the deferred expenses wrought upon us by the evil George W. Bush are in the form of veterans' health care and related issues. Those will be billions in perpetuity. And the ultimate irony is: we're going to have to battle the far right to get the proper funding for these veterans' care. It's shameful.

And knock off the Elrod Sr. stuff. He's wacky sometimes, but you really think he helped his son get jobs?

Don't you Andre supporters live in a glass house on that one?

Geeeeesh. Think about it. It's not difficult. You're criticizing Andre's next opponent for having relatives help him get jobs.

My kids have a "chat room" abbreviation for that: ROFLMAO. Roll on the floor laughing my ass off.

Attack Jon Elrod for his views on issues. That's fair game. For my liking, both of the Congressional Mar. 11 candidates are short on experience and deep views on issues. But I can wander through their pronouncements and make the best of it.

But I forgot: it's SOP for anyone who opposes the Carson machine ever, to be attached personally.

Folk are tired of that old tripe, Wilson. It's turning off folk who would otherwise kepe an open mind on Andre.

It's so 1980.

Anonymous said...

Andy Jacobs, Jr. was in congress years before his father was elected as judge......

Gary R. Welsh said...

Andy Jacobs, Sr. was elected to Congress in 1948 long before he ever served as a prosecutor or became a judge.

Anonymous said...

Of course Andre will attack David O. The closed minded, small thinking memebers of the NOI would never accept someone like David O.

Anonymous said...

"We need leaders who will make sure we have universal health care," he declared.

Ah-h-h, yes...more of that "change," Carson says we need, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, the field for the Democratic candidate for Julia Carson's seat in Congress has expanded. This made me very happy -
because I had absolutely no intention of
voting for Andre Carson.
Andre isn't Julia. And,his relationship with Louis Farrakhan
scares white voters.
I want someone who will represent
We The People and not just their people....
Get with it or I will vote for Elrod.......


Anonymous said...

HOW CONVENIENT! Wilson why did you take down the YouTube of Andre???? Too late, you showed us the TRUE Andre! A sexist pig! Good job! I am sure he will thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

You know, if Elrod had done something like this they would call for him to withdraw. I demand an apology from Andre. Public, just like the statement was made. How could women in that room sat there and thing this is OK????

Apology Andre. Not that it will change who you are, you have shown your true colors.

indyernie said...

Again Wilson acts without asking permission. Wilson has shown Andre in a way that has upset the apple cart.
A bunch of rookies acting without thinking and no leadership. Andre will be very lucky if he wins this or any election with Wilson helping.
So Wilson who called and told you to remove the video? Andre? or one of his advisors? Duncan? Drummer? Hoggset? Jacobs? or was it Louis?

Anonymous said...

Andy Jacobs Sr. served one term in Congress, I believe elected in 1950. He never served as Marion County Prosecutor, though he did run for that position against Goldsmith. It's absurd to say that Andy Jr. was elected because of his father's influence. The one congressional race that Andy Jr. lost was in 1972,largely due to the Democratic candidate for Preident, George McGovern getting trounced in his district.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I missed the video. Does anyone have it, apparently it was taken down.