Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Obama And The Democrats Changed Welfare As We Know It Overnight

Without question, the greatest achievement of the Clinton administration was the landmark welfare to work law passed by the Republican-controlled Congress in 1996 and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, who had promised to change welfare as we know it when he first ran for president in 1992. The legislation led to a marked reduction in the number of people drawing welfare benefits as people were moved into jobs. More importantly, it dramatically reduced the number of children living in poverty, particularly among African-Americans. How many of you knew that President Barack Obama's stimulus plan did away with those welfare reforms in one fell swoop? That's right. Under a provision tucked away in the bill nobody read is a provision that rewards states with additional funding if they add more people to the welfare rolls, the complete opposite of Clinton's welfare to work law, which paid states a flat amount for their welfare programs but allowed them to retain any surplus funds. President Obama opposed those changes as an Illinois state senator. Interestingly, Obama discussed as far back as then a strategy for reversing this policy. Who knew he would achieve that objective during the first 30 days in office. The consequences of these changes could prove dramatic and negative on the very people who he claims to be helping. Check out this video and see for yourself.


artfuggins said...

Do you suppose the diasterous economic policies of the Bush/Cheney administration had something to do with the rise of the number of people on welfare?

Covenant60 said...

I'll keep it simple for ya.....

welfare rolls were dropping since the welfare reform act that the GOP and Clinton came together on.

Now that Obama has chucked the reforms, welfare rolls will go back up.

And the stock market will continue to tank and gold will skyrocket.

Hope and change.

artfuggins said...

So Michael, these are just your predictions and not

Radical Moderate said...

Appears Michael wrong again. Market just had the 2nd greatest rally in our nation's history.

As for your welfare comment, you do understand Obama's measures are only temporary. Bush drove a good chunk of the middle class into poverty so it somewhat understandable state welfare coffers are a little bare. And of course you understand the double whammy of huge drop in tax income?

But with Bachmann on the Senate floor still espousing this welfare silliness, I'm just you still don't have a clue.