Sunday, October 06, 2013

More Super Bowl Propaganda

WTHR-TV's Mary Milz treated us to another propaganda piece on the importance of the City of Indianapolis hosting another Super Bowl in 2018 this morning. Milz used the Legacy Center on the city's near east side to stage her latest propaganda piece. She begins her story by attempting to tug at our hearts by telling us about an obese man who would not be alive today if the Legacy's fitness center had not been built to help him get in shape. Apparently we're to believe that this gentleman had no access to a YMCA or one of the multiple other fitness centers located throughout the city prior to this fitness center being built. Everyone with whom Milz spoke at the center thought it was a good idea for the city to host another Super Bowl. One family visited the Super Bowl Village and rode the zip line. Yippee!

The NFL Super Bowl selection committee will announce this month a short list of cities vying to participate in the annual racket the fake nonprofit organization conducts to see which city is willing to offer the largest subsidy to host an event that only benefits the NFL owners, their players and a handful of local hotels and restaurants. The proponents will tell you that hosting the Super Bowl has an economic impact of over $150 million, a number they toss around without any substantiation. In reality, it costs more money for a city like Indianapolis to host a Super Bowl only a small number of local residents can afford the admission price to attend than it actually generates for the local economy after totaling up all the added public safety costs, infrastructure expenditures, host committee expenses and displaced business activity that would have otherwise occurred from regular convention business for which no tax subsidies or tax exemptions must be offered.

Maybe we'll throw away another $18 million on a regional operations center our public safety officials can't use if we're successful in landing another Super Bowl or another $13 million to remake Georgia Street. Whatever may come we'll be told it's all good.


Flogger said...

Could our Media point to one sustaining job resulting from the last Stupor Bowl we had here??

I recently cruised through a few local Big Box Stores. I found my self looking at NFL and NBA jerseys. Not that I would buy one, I have my own personal boycott of Sports Paraphernalia. I have a similar boycott against buying any product pitched by a Pro Athlete.

Professional Sports tries very hard to wrap it self up in the American Flag, with singing the National Anthem, and Support the Troops.

No where could I find where any of these Jerseys were made in America. They were all made "off shore." I guess the American people who are expected to show their Pride in Professional Sports Teams cannot purchase a Jersey Made in America.

Unigov said...

An obese man would have died without the legacy center. Brilliant propaganda.

Similarly, we were told we need a multi-billion dollar mass transit system, because one time there were 14 Hmong immigrants who took Indygo to English lessons.

Anonymous said...

Glendale, AZ is having problems
fulfilling NFL requirements for 2015.
See link.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the NFL hears we are 700 officers short in this city, the NFL won't blink an eye telling Ballard to shove his proposal.

Gary R. Welsh said...

We're not 700 officers short. Here's their basic laundry list of demands: (a) they receive a complete tax exemption from any of their income-generating activities during the Super Bowl; (b) they have free use of any facilities they dictate must be made available to them for the purpose of generating profits for themselves; (c) the host city's hotels agree to a hotel pricing scheme that gives the NFL a kickback on all of the rooms rented for the event; and (d) they receive their required number of free parking spaces during the event; and (e) generally speaking, anything else that covers the topic of greed.

Anonymous said...

"As soon as the NFL hears we are 700 officers short in this city, the NFL won't blink an eye telling Ballard to shove his proposal."

That "shortage" is even funnier Math than what the NFL employs. I can't drive anywhere in this city without seeing a cop on every block.

Indy has far too many cops, already, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Cato, a/k/a anonymous 9:13, time for your medication!

Now the NFL knows the money they gave for police badges went into "Straubland" and was never accounted for, and no forensic audit ever done....and they learn that Indianapolis Public Safety has dwindled away to dangerous levels with over 700 police officers short, how can they expect to protect all of their "dignitaries?"

Give up on this one. Besides, we cannot afford it!!! The taxPAYERS lost big on the last SuperBowl, paying out millions in tax money....we cannot take another hit like that!

-Might as well ask Black Expo to revive its infamous "Soulfest" in Washington Park didn't have as much loss in terms of tax money. (but more loss in terms of serious injuries, gunfire, murder, and riotous activity) than the last SuperBowl!!!

Anonymous said...

Third Reicher, a/k/a Anonymous 5:73, the NFL never "gave" any money to Indy, much less for badges, and they don't care how many cops Indy has.

The NFL knows it will have plenty of cops to provide free security for its events and to provide free taxpayer-paid escorts to its personnel and VIPs.

There may be less Indy cops around to make pointless drug arrests and worthless traffic stops, but the NFL cares little about such things, and we all know that cops do nothing to reduce crime.

Further, with nearly 700 Marion County Sheriff's Deputies on staff, Indy has all the cops it needs.

Anonymous said...

Cato (Anonymous 8:10), take a peek at the badge

I believe there was some controversy reported about the Super Bowl Committee giving money to buy those depicted on the link retained by Frank to comment on that?

Perhaps, Cato, before your commitment to "the home" you were arrested for drugs. Drugs are the root of most of the violence and murder: either people using them, selling them, stealing them. That is sociology 101 in high school.

Of those so-designated "700" sheriff deputies, most are correctional officers guarding prisoners. All of the rest are designated by law as "Special Deputies" because they are given limited law enforcement powers to do their assigned jobs. They are not classified as regular police officers under the law, nor do they have the training that the real police are required to have.

Now, isn't it time for your afternoon medication, Cato?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:10, are you saying that the jail guards should leave the jails unattended to play "police" for a Super Bowl?

...then who will keep the criminals behind bars?

Anonymous said...

Look at the piggies getting all offended at anyone who stands in their way of an unlimited public trough.

Anonymous said...

...looks like Anonymous 8:21 has been hitting the crack pipe again!

-Wait a minute, is that Cato??? Cato, you're not allowed to be on the internet without your caretaker there.