Monday, September 02, 2013

Pedestrian Struck Crossing Street At Site Of New Broad Ripple Parking Garage

Well it didn't take long for someone to get struck crossing College Street in Broad Ripple at the site of the new parking garage, which was built by Ersal Ozdemir's Keystone Construction with $6.5 million gifted to him by Mayor Greg Ballard in exchange for all the money Ozdemir has stuffed in his campaign wallet. When this parking garage was first proposed at this dangerous, busy intersection on an oddly-configured lot, I raised the concern that it was an open invitation for pedestrian accidents given how busy this street is and the fact that so many people who go to Broad Ripple do so to consume alcohol. That's exactly what happened last night when someone crossed the street in front of the Vogue nightclub. WTHR reports:
One man is recovering from his injuries this morning, after being hit by a car in Broad Ripple. 
It happened around 12:40 a.m. Monday near the intersection of Broad Ripple Avenue and College Avenue, in front of the Vogue nightclub.  Police say a man, in his 30s, was jay-walking when a car hit him.  He hit the windshield and suffered a head injury.  Police say he's is expected to recover.
The woman driving the car told police she had been drinking.

It's only a matter of time before taxpayers are asked to spend millions building a pedestrian bridge so people can cross College Avenue safely.


Downtown Indy said...

Maybe they could the intersection into another safe roundabout and dead-end college south of it.


Anonymous said...

This entire "garage" was built as a piece in a larger plan to destroy the quality of life in Broad Ripple and to remake that neighborhood in a plan never fully told to the public.

I don't think the wacky Left is after a pedestrian bridge, Gary. The Left is full of some really weird, weak and aberrant misfits who got picked last in the kickball game, who gave up on trying to date the cute girl, and are spending their lives attacking the normal folks they could never be.

You've seen how they've destroyed Broad Ripple Avenue. You know they want to build a massive development where the Shell station was. Any astute observer knows they hate the suburbs, cars, and the people who like to drive them.

I put decent odds on their plan being to choke College Avenue from 54th Street to the bridge by narrowing it to one lane of travel with a 25 mph speed limit, all but turning it into a linear pedestrian mall. These folks likely envision a pedestrian paradise where cars are driven only to get reasonably close to a destination, then the entire day's shopping, dining and socializing is spent on foot.

hat's a method of social organization that America despises and has rejected everywhere outside of Manhattan, but congestion is catnip to the Left, and they really want to build a high-density hell in Indy.

One already has to lay on the horn while passing the Fresh Market on College to warn the pedestrian impediments that this driver won't tolerate being slowed by shoppers in a poorly located grocery store.

The Left wants to remove all memory of College being a high traffic thoroughfare, and they love frustrating car travel. If they can annoy Carmelites driving College to downtown with slower roads, they think they'll induce suburbanites to live closer to the city center in higher density tenements.

I could be wrong, as I'm guessing the future, but I predict that the Left spin on this striking will likely be to accelerate plans to narrow College Avenue.