Thursday, January 17, 2013

Manti Te'o Dead Girlfried Hoax: It's Nothing New

The entire nation it seems was captivated by this tragic tale of Notre Dame's Star linebacker Manti Te'o storybook girlfriend who died from leukemia after being involved in a serious automobile accident the same day he lost his grandmother during his very successful season with the Fighting Irish this past year. Deadspin did the research that apparently nobody in the mainstream media decided to do and learned the existence of the girlfriend and her death was a total hoax. Te'o claims he was the victim of an Internet scam, but who talks in such loving and personal terms of someone they've never actually met?

There must be something in the water they drink at Punahou School, the prestigious prep school both Te'o and President Barack Obama attended in Hawaii, that leads one to extraordinary thoughts of grandeur weaved out of whole cloth. Whatever it is, it has the power of creating masses of cult-like followers who are particularly vulnerable to their affinity fraud. Will Obama blame his dead mother and grandparents if the mainstream media actually decides to vet him some day and tell the American people the truth about who he really is and reveal that his entire life story was nothing more than a fairy tale just as Bill Clinton once claimed?

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