Monday, August 15, 2011

Mourdock's Redstate Address

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Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock was a featured speaker at this weekend's Redstate gathering in Charleston, South Carolina where Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced that he would be seeking the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Mourdock's oratorical skills are his greatest asset and they were certainly on display during this speech as he sought support from conservatives outside Indiana in his bid to unseat 6-term incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar. Perhaps the most powerful portion of his speech was his discussion of his fight on behalf of Indiana's public retirement funds to block the Obama administration's bailout of the Chrysler Corporation and the manner in which the bailout totally turned on its head more than two centuries of well-established bankruptcy law in this country. "To hear the President of the United States suggest that such people are unpatriotic, greedy speculators unwilling to sacrifice told me it was time to step up and do more," Mourdock said of comments Obama made at the time of anyone who would try to block his bailout plan. "Are you going to sit back while people in the highest level of this government can so easily throw away the sacrifice and traditional values of America simply to hold political power?" "It's time for a different voice in the United States Senate from Indiana . . . It is time for each of us to dig a little deeper, to do more than you've done before . . . We have a nation to save." Powerful words.

Hat tip to Hoosier Pundit.

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