Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daniels Backs Boehner's Worthless Debt Proposal

Gov. Mitch Daniels has been taking time to lobby Indiana's congressional delegation to back House Speaker John Boehner's plan to raise the national debt limit--you know, the one that allows us to borrow and spend more money without making any real cuts in federal spending or achieving any real reductions in the unprecedented deficit spending by the Obama administration and the Bush administration before him. Daniels, one of the chief architects of that catastrophic spending plan as Bush's OMB Director, is on the side of the New World Order that's been working overtime raising all sorts of false flags about the economic demise we will face unless we commit to trillions of dollars more in spending they all know we can never repay:

 "I hope the Indiana Congressional Delegation will support Speaker Boehner's proposal. The terrifying, nation-threatening debt levels caused by past and present overspending and future overpromising will not be solved by any one action or in any one year. But the Boehner plan begins in the right place, with real spending restraint and would show Americans and world markets that we do not intend to commit financial suicide. I hope Congress passes it and then begins work immediately on step two of our long march back to national solvency and economic prosperity."
Real spending restraint, Mitch? Do you think we're that stupid? There are no spending restraints in the Boehner plan. They're illusory promises just as we've been fed time and time again by the Washington establishment. Even the Congressional Budget Office concedes that point. Indeed, the United States may be facing total economic collapse, but the seeds of that destruction have already been sown. No government in the history of this world has taken on as much debt as the U.S. government has taken on over the past few decades and survived. We just keep printing more and more dollars that aren't worth the paper they're written on to feed spending on wars that serve no American purpose and handouts to prop up foreign countries and banks controlled by our sworn enemies. Just as the Roman Empire fell so shall the United States of America. The only difference is that our own demise was all planned out by a New World Order committed to the elimination of American sovereignty so our new masters can rule us, picking and choosing winners and losers at will. It was the world's longest and most successful experiment in representative government and capitalism, but it doesn't fit the agenda of the self-appointed chosen ones who see it as their God-given right to rule over us as our masters.

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Citizen Kane said...

"Real spending restraint, Mitch? Do you think we're that stupid?"

Yeah, he does, they do, and for the most part, we are. They laugh at us as well as their sycophantic hanger-ons who think they are on the inside. I keep hoping that we will get the last laugh - but I can't imagine how.