Monday, July 25, 2011

Life In Straubville

There may have been plenty of money in the Public Safety budget for Indianapolis/Marion County to redecorate the offices of Public Safety Director Frank Straub and to hire a bevy of six-figure salaried employees to populate his newly-decorated offices, but police officers are told there is no money left in the budget for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, notebooks, pens and other basic supplies for the district offices. The image at left is a sign posted in a bathroom stall of the North East IMPD district offices warning users "there is no toilet paper" because "the city is out of funds." And despite Straub's top heavy staff, including his personal chauffeur, we learn that his staff neglected to file paperwork to renew a half million dollar federal grant for IMPD to combat human trafficking. Meanwhile, Mayor Greg Ballard continues to show he's in charge of Public Safety by hiding behind Straub's skirt pants.


SW Lane said...

If you really want to see the biggest example of malfeasance re. Ballard and Straub, file a FOIA with the human resource section of IMPD and see since 2008/2010 (the dates both came on board)how many cops have been hired vs. how many have been promoted.

There is a youtube video of candidate Ballard discussing "300 cops to be hired, but 290 retiring for a net gain of 10". I guarantee you that nowhere near 300 have been hired, which makes me wonder where that personnel budget money has gone?

And oh yeah..there is a new promotion process scheduled to start in October, but nowhere on the horizon is there to be hiring of recruits.

Large tracts of the city go unpatrolled daily but several units have been created during these 4 years that have little to do with patrol functions.

Indy4u2c said...

No toilet paper sounds like grounds for a valid OSHA complaint and Health Dept matter.

I'd be interested in hearing the Health Dept's response to no toilet paper in a workplace!

As for no office supplies, then I dare suggest the workers inform management that without pens, workers cannot fill out forms. Without notebooks, workers cannot take notes.

Something smells here!

Oh, did Frank Straub really have a custom-built shower installed in his newly remodeled suite of offices.

Indy4u2c said...

-Reminder: Marion County voters previously rejected a candidate who had all of the filth that Mayor Ballard/Frank Straub have brought to the city. Remember when they elected a mayor in Lawrence who was "less than satisfactory" just to dump the corruption????? Their water rates still have not recovered....

I wonder if Marion County voters will do it again this fall in the Indianapolis Mayoral election???

Concerned Taxpayer said...

A recent speech by Herr DOK-TOR Straub. He's from New York, you know:

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Other speeches by Herr DOK-TOR Straub. He has a PhD, you know.