Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can Someone Explain These Higher Ed Cuts?

The Daniels administration ordered $150 million in cuts to higher education in response to plummeting state revenues from the Obama Depression. The cuts were unavoidable, but I'm having a little trouble understanding why one of the most affordable four-year colleges in the state is having to absorb the largest percentage cut. Indiana State University is being asked to absorb a 6.64%, or $10.4 million cut over the next 2 years. By comparison, fake college Ivy Tech is being asked to absorb the smallest cut of any higher education institution (and I use that term lightly in reference to Ivy Tech) of 3.4%, or $11.9 million over the next two years. Ivy Tech is best known for its ghost employment practices for the benefit of political hacks. It hires whatever political hack in make-work jobs the State House denizens order it to hire to secure its budget funding every two years. If only we had a real prosecutor in this town, we could put an end to that practice and the foolish, lavish funding of this fake institution. The higher education commission should be ashamed for letting off Ivy Tech so easily on the budget cuts.

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