Friday, December 11, 2009

Brizzi Hedges On Whether He Got Loans From Durham

WTHR's Chris Proffitt pressed Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi on whether Tim Durham or any of his companies loaned money to him. Initially, Brizzi says he didn't received loans from any of Durham's companies; however, he began hedging his answer when Proffitt asked about any personal loans he may have received from Durham. Here's the exchange:

"Did Durham loan you any money for any of these investments? Anything? No money from Fair or any of these other companies? No personal loans or anything like that?" Eyewitness News asked Brizzi.

"Not that I can think of, no. To the best of my knowledge. I'd have to go back. I haven't explored any of that in terms of those stocks," Brizzi said.
That's not good. How could Brizzi not be able to definitively answer whether Durham had loaned him money? Certainly it is a matter that he would have needed to disclose on his statement of economic interest that he is required by law to file. Are there other matters he failed to disclose on those statements? And why has Brizzi made several amendments to his statements over the years? Reporters need to continue pressing Brizzi hard for answers to these questions. By the way, Proffitt's interview is an example of a tough media interview. Got that, Abdul "I'm a good friend of Carl's" Hakim Shabazz?

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