Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rush Is On Top Of Indy Talk Radio Market

Rush Limbaugh is at the top of Indianapolis' talk radio market at his afternoon spot on WIBC-FM (93.1) and Amos Brown is at the top of the city' black audience talk radio market according to a press release put out by Brown's station, WTLC-AM (1310). Limbaugh draws an average audience of 29,300, while the bottom show on the list is drawing a little more than a 1,000 average listeners. Here's how the talk radio market shakes out in their share of audience draw in their respective time slots:

1. Rush Limbaugh--WIBC (12.2)
2. Greg Garrison--WIBC (8.7)
3. Steve Simpson--WIBC (6.2)
4. Amos Brown--WTLC (3.1)
5. Dan Dakich--WFNI (2.0)
6. Glenn Beck--WXNT (1.7)
7. The Drive with JMV (1.6)
8. Dave Ramsay--WFDM (1.3)
9. Sean Hannity--WFDM (1.3)
10. Bob Kravitz--WFNI (1.3)
11. Dennis Miller--WXNT (1.2)
12. Bill O'Reilly--WXNT (1.0)
13. Neal Boortz--WXNT (1.6)
14. Abdul--WXNT (1.1)
15. Laura Ingraham--WFDM (0.7)
16. Michael Savage--WFDM (1.0)


Chris Spangle said...

A couple of notes:

1. Are these based on 12+? These numbers carry absolutely no weight in the radio industry. To be truly accurate, you have to pull the Men 25 to 54 numbers. Those are the only numbers talkers care about.

2. A little known secret of Arbitron is that they add weight to traditionally minority stations to help African-American and Hispanic stations compete in ad revenue. This generally means that one Arbitron book is counted between 1.5 and 2.5 times compared to a book that is marked for a station like WIBC.

3. Arbitron gives people paper diaries. They ask that you mark every time you change a channel. There is a reason Arbitrary is used in Arbitron. The people meter, a radio sensor placed in radio markets, will be the only reliable way to know who is listening, and who isn't. The radio industry is trying to kill it. It is too honest.

Advance Indiana said...

Give me your e-mail address and I can forward to you the press release with all of the details. You would understand the numbers better than me.

Unigov said...

People listen to Greg Garrison ? My G*d what a windbag.

JMV, too.

Surprised Abdul is so low.

Michael said...

that's Dakich, not Dakitch.

Why is Laura INgraham ahead of Savage?

varangianguard said...

Abdul is hotter than Laura Ingraham!

What does that say?

Dan Dakich has a radio program???

Paul K. Ogden said...

I lost all respect for Greg Garrison. He had Bob Grand on his show and praised him for the wonderful job he is doing with the CIB. Supposedly this included Grand giving his clients the Simons $15 million more tax dollars.

Advance Indiana said...

Of course, Paul. You can bet Grand has played a role in getting some lucrative legal work into Garrison's hands. That's what it's all about to these guys isn't it? You scratch my back and I'll scratch your's.

Anonymous said...

I lost respect for Garrison years ago when he jumped on the elite globalist war train. When our media promotes the abuses and crimes of the financial elites and refuses to expose their roots and thier objectives, I consider them to be 100% complicit in the crimes. Garrison is up there with the best of them. He sings whatever policy tune he's paid to sing, no matter how many citizens are deceived and die as a result.

I remember once when he interviewed a young Iraq vet from Fort Wayne. The soldier had been stationed at the army hospital inside the green zone and garrison kept trying to frame the conversation around all of the great work the doctors and staff were doing for the local Iraqi's. The poor kid kept saying things like "well, no, not really" time and again when Garrison would say "and aren't we helping by doing X/Y/Z for the local people?" The whole time the vet was trying to say in one sentence that for the most part, any Iraqi's that were treated by the US were officials and wealthy folks, who were always surrounded by security who were rude to the hospital staff. That point came across loud and clear, but Garrison still concluded the interview with a comment about the great job we're doing to help the Iraqi people.

Of course Garrison also forgot to mention to his listeners that over a million Iraqi's have been killed in the 6 years since we attacked, and that millions of Iraqi's have been displaced. And that's a guy who'll stand up in front of an audience and place a "Christian" label on his forehead. What an imbecile.


Garrison makes my stomach turn. First, he's completely full of himself.

Now, while Abdul is full of himself too...at least Abdul admits it so we can poke fun of him for it.

Anyone ever notice that the Garrison buffer music is basically war drums?

I think I had finally had it when he stood up at the tea party against the federal government bailouts, while saying NOTHING against a big local bailout poising to hurt taxpayers right in his own backyard.

Garrison is a hypocrite and he's in bed with the local elites...who right now happen to be republican.

Sir Hailstone said...

Are Beck, Ramsay, Hannity, BOR (or is it FDT now?), Miller, Boortz, Laura, and Savage played live from the syndicator or are these tape delayed by the affiliates?

I've tried picking up WFDM up on the Northside and it doesn't come in well from Franklin. Not as bad as WXNT before sunrise but you get my drift. Too bad Cumulus' 93.9 dropped their talk format not even a couple months after it started.

Something else that likely skews the numbers a bit is those who are played on Sirius/XM live in their timeslot. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are live in their timeslot (3-6P and 9-12n, respectively) on XM166 and Sirius 144. Dave Ramsey and Glenn Beck are on XM165 though I don't know offhand if they are live or not.

Advance Indiana said...

I don't listen to any of those shows so I couldn't answer that question, Mike.

Chris Spangle said...

Almost all talk shows are live between 9 AM and Noon. Rush is live, Savage is live. Overnights are live. If Miller is on locally at 3, you are listening to a tape from 9 to Noon earlier that day.
Hannity is live, but why listen?
In my opinion, I don't think it diminishes the entertainment value.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

Ben Burg listens....to Amos Brown.

Dana said...

Limbaugh draws an average audience of 29,300...

1. Rush Limbaugh--WIBC (12.2)
2. Greg Garrison--WIBC (8.7)

Wow. The Fat Man can't break any higher than that, and his stupid evil twin (Garrison) only gets... Umm... 71 percent of that. What's that, about 20,000? I guess Greg Garrison's audience comprises every Buick owner in the city. Wooo.

Wow, 20,000 people will CERTAINLY keep EMMIS stock going up up UP! Oh wait. It's dead. (This parrot is DEAD!)

Hey Garrison! Mene tekel upharsin or something like that, you toke' STRAAV!

Dana said...

By the way, GG, the day you are canceled is the day I take a day off work and celebrate in style.

One day it'll happen, and I WILL BE HAPPY, you moribund, Limbaugh plagiarizing Republican suck-up.

Bye bye Greg Garrison.