Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Rules Out Gambling Expansion But Not CIB Bailout For Special Session

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long told reporters today that there would only be one bill heard during the special session, the budget bill, and it won't include provisions for expanded gambling in Indiana. Long, disappointingly, has no problem with sticking a bailout of the corrupt and mismanaged Capital Improvement Board in the budget bill as long as it is accomplished with higher taxes and not expanded gambling. House Speaker Pat Bauer countered Long's comments with the suggestion a CIB bailout could not be accomplished without considering "critical" gaming issues for different areas of the state. Let's see, that list includes:

  • Moving one of the Gary riverboat licenses to a land-based location in Lake County.
  • Financial assistance for the state's two racinos at Shelbyville and Anderson.
  • Financial assistance for the struggling French Lick casino.
  • Financial assistance for Michigan City's Blue Chip casino.

Any other suggestions? Is anyone on the side of the taxpayers who are fed up with handouts for the state's powerful and wealthy at their expense?


Jon said...

I don't understand why anyone other than a representative from Marion county would be pushing the CIB bailout. They clearly don't have a dog in this fight so what is their motive?

Advance Indiana said...

The Democratic Party in Indiana is controlled by the Simon family because of the millions they donate. Irsay gives big bucks to the GOP. And they all love getting all of those free tickets to the games.

Downtown Indy said...

The luxury vacations to tropical resorts are pretty nice too.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Actually, Jon, I would think the last people who should be pusing for tax increases for the CIB are Marion County legislators.


So if there is a bailout provision that clears the legislature, is it then up to our city council to stop the tax increase? Or could the legislature impose a tax increase on us for the CIB?

Advance Indiana said...

The legislation would authorize the CCC to raise the taxes--at least that's what has been proposed to date.


From what I've been hearing, the city councilors will not commit suicide and approve the tax increase.

We need to make it clear that we WILL make a show of force at city council should the councilors have to vote on this matter.

Councilors need to know that THE PEOPLE have their backs and that they do not have to vote to raise this tax.

At Tuesday's Washington Township GOP meeting, I kept hearing the words "forensic audit".

There should not be any discussion of a tax increase until, at minimum, a forensic audit has been conducted.