Monday, November 06, 2006

Are Marion County Democrats Trying To Supress Republican Vote?

Marion County Republicans are crying foul over last-minute changes in the polling locations for ten Republican-leaning precincts. While AI thought polling locations were decided by the Marion County Clerk's office, according to Marion Co. Republicans, the mayor's office is responsible for leasing the space for the polling locations. The Marion Co. GOP further charges that no efforts were made to notify voters in the affected precincts of the last-minute changes. I know that my polling location has never changed in the 16 years I've lived in Indianapolis. I would be pretty upset if I showed up at the regular location and learned it was no longer the polling site. Do Democrats hope to frustrate Republican voters to discourage them from voting in Tuesday's election?


Anonymous said...

It wasn't right when Faye Mowery did it every election she oversaw. It isn't right now...but cna we get the facts, please?

I'm told one of these precincts is a "church," whose owners changed last week or so, and they don't want elections there.

Democrats trying to supress the vote. You must be smoking something.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wu ? from the election group said on WXNT they had the list of changes months ago but are just now letting people know of the changes.

Anonymous said...

The democrats continue there campaign for total control. Julia goes negative, Frank doesn't deliver, Bart doesn't talk about the bar in 300 East, this is criminal.

I don't think our founding fathers had this in mind. They should be ashamed of themselves.

AI, can you post the secretary of state numbers on where to find your polling place or where to call if you have problems tomorrow?

I guess the low life democrats came up with this to counter voter ID. Shameful, just shameful.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wu said the changes were made in EARLY Oct. They do not know why the mayor waited until today to notify the public of the changes.

Anonymous said...

MAYOR FART PETERSON didn't sign leases until the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Election Board INFO:

Marion County Election Board

To report cases of election fraud and accessibility problems during the election:

Anonymous said...

I received some communications from my operatives that during Inspector training Doris Ann Sadler stated the Mayor's office did some last minute changes to polling places.

Wilson46201 said...

Representative Mae Dickinson of Lawrence is upset that some of her large Democrtic-leaning precincts have had voting places moved by Republicans.

One of my usual pre-election day tasks is to design and print-up flyers for African-American Democratic precinct committeepeople that are told at the last minute their usual polling place has moved.

Location of polling places is controlled by the Republican County Clerk who is so well known for conducting untroubled elections (hah!). Did Doris Ann fuck up again?

Anonymous said...

Election Board INFO:

Marion County Election Board

To report cases of election fraud and accessibility problems during the election:

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande said...

Stupid Insecure Wilson Allen:

Wrong again:

Don't try blame this type of disenfranchisement of voter participation on the Republicans.

No, the law allows the Mayor to sign the contracts for all polling places not the county clerk.

The clerk is the administrator of the election and has the voting machines placed at the locations.

Moving polling places at the last minute in outlying townships is just another act of desparation on the part of the Democrat Party to steal an election since they can't vote 5,000 deceased people on Tuesday. That is 50 votes in 100 targeted precincts countywide. This is the formula.

Wilson46201 said...

Why did the Republican candidate for Prosecutor use blatantly illegal recorded robocalls for his sputtering campaign? Will Brizzi prosecute himself in his remaining two months or will this election-fraud case await for our new County Prosecutor: Melinda Kennedy!

Wilson46201 said...

Poor Jocelyn - she has been crying for over 30 years about being cheated out of elections - she's never won any whatsoever. If she's so sharp politically, why hasnt she ever won? Why do her candidates always lose? Is she that bad of a jinx or is she just that ignorant and misguided? Or is she just a liar and fabricator?

All of the above!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Insecure Wilson Allen 46201

Wilson Allen 46201 is the elected Democrat Precinct committeeman in Ward 2, Precinct 1 (813) registered voters. School 101 at 1501 East 10th Street

Julia Carson is the elected Democrat Precinct committeeman in Ward3, Precinct 2 (528) registered voters. Jubilee Center at 2301 N. Park Avenue

I will be checking the voter turn out in these two precincts after the election to see if their percentage of ballots cast are in line with the rest of the voter turnout in these two wards.

Julia and Wilson don't get caught?

Anonymous said...

After Wednesday Tokyo Rose aka Wilson will be gone.

our new County Prosecutor: Melinda Kennedy

Whatever weed you're smoking hand it over. Have some jimson weed instead.

Anonymous said...

By statute and practice, it is the clerk's responsibility (via the Election Board) to publish legal advertisements which list all 600-plus polling places.

I heard Ike whining on Abdul's show today about one of those "predominantly Republican" precincts moved, near 71st/Georgetown.

If that succinct observation summarizes his political accumen, I hope to hell he runs for mayor next year.

The mayor's office, via the Dept. of Administration, signs leases and helps pay bills for elections, with claims approval by the Clerk and Election board.

Again, it is the Clerk's/Election Board's responsibility, legally, to inform voters of changes in polling places.

Another Doris Ann screwup. When will she be gone?

I have found David Wu to be honest and approachable. But he needs to read the statutes, and, if something's changed, let the rest of the world know, because the clerk's office has routinely moved polling places late in the game. Often in Center Township.

Go figure.

This will get solved when Beth gets elected. And, to help with the polling place confusion and difficult yin attracting election day workers, I hope she cuts the number of polling places. And makes it easier for all of us to vote.

It's about time.

Wilson46201 said...

Several years ago city Democrats tried consolidating precincts from 891 down to about 600 but the GOP blocked this practical and cost-saving efficiency. Doris Ann and the Republicans fucked up elections again!

Jocelyn hiding behind another fake name listed where Julia and I are precinct leaders. Jocelyn hollers bloody murder about election fraud regularly but by now election officials know all about her cockamamie schemes and stories - they just laugh at poor tired Jocelyn and her hallucinations and fabrications ...

Anonymous said...

Wrong, 12:08. (And Wrong, also, to Wilson. But what's new there?)

The mayor's office selects the polling locations. That is a pure and simple fact. I have not heard anything about the changes mentioned here. But anyone suggesting responsibility anywhere other than the Mayor's office is either misinformed or lying.

By the way, that also goes for Dickenson's district (if there is actually a problem there).

Anonymous said...

Hey potty mouth Wilson, no need to use foul language here. That is a couple times you've done that, I understand the stress is of your leader getting voted out is hard, but clean up your act!

Anonymous said...

uh, 12:31, you are wrong. The mayor's office certifies compliance with ADA and other pertinent federal statutes, and checks off on the claims submitted for rent, etc.

It is absolultely the Election Board's responsibility to inform voters of polling places. Check the legal ads in the paper...they run two every election.

As for playing with our about Doris Ann's ridiculous lawsuit over 2003 council district lines, and the ballot lawsuit? She lost both, miserably, after we'd shed almost a million in legal fees from our treasury...all in the name of propping up a dying GOP machine. Both those cases were about denying access and closing up the process.

It is not in Democrats' best interests to ever be supressing votes. That's not their history or legacy. Period.

And hey there Wilson, if I were you, I'd steer clear of the word "hallucinations" right about now...until after tomorrow, and until Mae's down for her nap.

Anonymous said...

>It is absolultely the Election Board's responsibility to inform voters of polling places.

Uh, 12:45, try reading these posts again. The 12:31 post said that the mayor has responsbility for selecting the polling sites. Again, that is an absolute, irrefutable fact. So, if polling places are changing last minute, talk to the mayor.

As for notification: Yes, it is the responsbility of the BIPARTISAN Election Board. But gosh, if the mayor makes last-minute changes, it's kind of tough, don't you think, for proper notice to be given.

And what, pray tell, was the mayor doing last year when there were no elections and changes could have been done then? It's a well-known fact that Republicans, including both Doris Ann Sadler and Mike Murphy, asked the Mayor and the Dem County Chair to consolidate precincts. But the Mayor and the Dem party refused. Why? Because they'd rather keep the Republicans busy filling thousands more election worker positions and they'd rather keep the problematic division of precinct that we have so that they can bash Sadler when things go wrong.

Hmmm. Looks like 12:31 and a few others are already getting started on that political move.

Anonymous said...

To check your polling place online:

Anonymous said...

Come 2007 and assuming the Secretary of State test in Tippecanoe county works out positively, we'll get away from this "precinct" system of voting and go to the "voting center" concept.

Then all of these sorts of shenanigans will become moot.

Anonymous said...

1:20, if you think ANYthing about the Marion County Election Board in the past 26 years has been Bipartisan, you need to take your meds and then take a nap.

The Election Board is statutorily responsible for selecting the sites. The Mayor is responsible for signing off, making sure they comply with federal law, and, in most cases, checking off on claims for payment of rent, expenses, etc.

If the list was known by Mr. David Wu, chief election board mechanic (a misnomer of a term...he's really the head of elections) in early October, it was known by Ms. Sadler then, too.

She could easily have published or promoted the list of changfed sites.

She did not.

I think the Republicans should channel all their complaints thorugh their 2007 mayoral candidate, Ike Randolph, who believes the 71st/Georgetown area is predominantly Republican.

Then dig up Faye Mowery and ask her why she moved a dozen polling places the night before Ms. Carson's election as trustee...and then presided over placement of police cars outside many more Center Township polling places.

It's a glass house at best, 1:20. At best.

Anonymous said...

The Clerk's Office can't list a polling location until the contract is signed by the Mayor and a representative of the polling place. It is not an official polling site until the contract is signed by all parties. The Clerk plays no part in the location of the polling sites.

Anonymous said...

Yep to 3:09.

2:20 = partisan hack who can't his/her fact straight

Anonymous said...

You think Doris Anne has done a bad job? You do you should do two things. One, Watch the movie "By The People". The second is wait until the next election. Doris Anne is the most under rated elected official in Marion County history.

Advance Indiana said...

Here's Ed Treacy's latest whining on the voter ID law as reported by the Howey Political Report:

"Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy said in a press conference this morning that Indiana's new voter ID law is designed to "repress" Democratic vote in his county. His statement comes amid speculation that the 7th CD race between U.S. Rep. Julia Carson and Republican Eric Dickerson has tightened up. HPR rates the race a "Tossup." Treacy said, "If anybody has a problem voting on Election Day and you can't get through the lines, remember the Republicans have caused this in terms of the voter ID."

Becky said...

The only voters "repressed" by voter id are the dead ones that always vote democrat.

One Who Votes said...

It's raining! It's raining!

Hey Ed, voter ID will keep both parties honest on Tueday, don't you agree?

Ed Treacy needs to stop lying to voters in Marion County. Pandering to black voters gets you nowhere. If they can't motivate enough black voters to vote a straight party ticket, the Democrats loose big time.

Voter ID will keep them from stealing the election. no dead bodies will be voting tomorrow unless they have the proper ID.

I am glad the Justice Department will be monitoring this election. Who will the Demos blame then?

Anonymous said...

Well, to those who can't seem to find their rear ends with both hands and a road map...

I spent a little time on this whole polling site issue today.

Seems the Election Board, through its secretary, Doris Ann Sadler, ran legal ads in early October, which listed all polling sites.

Also seems not all contracts were signed for all those sites listed.


To be fair, there could be multiple reaosns for that. Keeping track of 600 plus polling locations is a huge job.

And Doris Ann (or Mr. Doris Ann), you can stop posting now, because no one, not even most in your own party, thinks you're the most underrated elected official in county history. LMAO. Hyperbole isn't your strong suit.

She's so underrated she was asked not to run again, lest she get pummeled.

She's so underrated that, with a law degree, she can't turn back the partisan hacks in her own party, and refuse to go along with two lawsuits which were not defensible, which cost this county almost a million dollars to defend. Money that could've gone to better election equipment, more name it.

At least when Faye Mowery and Bud Gohmann slapped you upside the head with a partisan hack ruling, you saw it ocming and they were polite.

Those days are OVER.

Yeah, I saw the movie. She worked hard in front of some cameras. I'm over it.

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande said...

Patheitc Insecure Wilson Allen:

Wrong again!
Indiana has a Voter ID Law and I helped! I have been taken very serious by the people that count, The Indiana General Assembly for your information, the reason you have Voter ID as law. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You just hate to give me credit for anything don't you? I told you before to go through the Circuit Court records.

When you were dumpster diving, didn't you find each of my lawsuits and election contest petitions with the information well documented regarding voter fraud in Marion County? Or, are you still in denial?

Anonymous said...

We will see. I think Doris Anne will be vindicated in the history books. After this year, the newly elected clerk will go back to being the lap dog of the (Rep or Dem) party chairman.

Anonymous said...

5:20--dream on

indyernie said...

Wilson you crossed the line again, your Old Girl did the same thing today. A Robo call on behalf of Julia Carson was placed to my phone. A recorded message came across, asking me of all people to consider Julia Carson. The called ID read 0000000000. Kind of hard to trace but the recording was hers.
Oh by the way we don't laugh at Jocelyn, but we do laugh and make fun of you.

Anonymous said...

One of my usual pre-election day tasks is to design and print-up flyers for African-American Democratic precinct committeepeople that are told at the last minute their usual polling place has moved.

Who can tell me what is wrong grammatically with Wilson's statement above?

Anonymous said...

"Told" is misplaced.

La-La-Land said...


Since the turnout for the mid-term elections will be heavy, all Republican voters are requested to wait until Wednesday to cast their ballots. This will eliminate the long lines and provide everyone with equal access to the polls.

Thank you, please resume your ranting and grammatical exercises