Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jeffery White Out As John Marshall Principal

John Marshall Principal Jeffery White, viewed by proponents of education reform as a bright spot in efforts to reform IPS' failing school system, is out of his job as principal. The Star's Andy Gammill reports on this unfortunate development:

White, whose first year on the job was chronicled in The Indianapolis Star in 2007, is leaving the job mostly because of stress-related heart problems last month, he said. But he's also resigning in part because of challenges outside of his control.

For instance, White felt he had a strong team in place last school year but then had to send many of those staffers to other schools as part of the district's plan to reorganize Marshall, as federal law requires at schools that consistently fail to meet federal benchmarks.

In three years, he had four different direct supervisors and three different sets of assistant principals assigned to him. In his first year, a student was raped on her way to school; in the second year, a tornado hit the school; and this school year, a student was shot.

"That's just enough; I'm tired," he said. "The stress is getting to me. I've had some health issues. It's getting to me."

Perhaps White's biggest mistake to some was his decision to buck the Center Township gang and challenge Andre Carson for the 7th District special election slating last year. IPS Superintendent Eugene White openly aided Andre Carson's election last year, allowing him to use IPS schools to stage political events. White tells Gammill that his future plans may include a revival of his political aspirations. White might want to consider switching parties. I don't see room for his independence in the Marion County Democratic Party.


Sean Shepard said...

But with conservatives being shunned in the Marion County Republican Party, loyalty oaths and so much "trying to make partner" with politics crap that seems to be going on is there room for such independence in the Republican Party?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The difference, Sean, is that a Republican can tell the party to f_ _ _ off and run without its backing. Ballard wasn't exactly embraced by the party. As I recall, the GOP county chairman was telling folks not to waste their effort on him right up to the day of the election. Barb Malone beat the slate in the at-large council races. Republicans can run and at least win the party nomination without the party's support. If you can't get past slating in the Democratic Party, it's over.

artfuggins said...

Jeff White's first mistake was to trust Superintendent White.

As to your allegations re: Andre Carson, any community group, political or non political can rent IPS facilities for events. I dont recall Carson doing so but you seem to know that it happpened so I wont dispute that. The IPS policy on candidates speaking is that it is encouraged but the opponents must have an opportunity to do so also.