Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rocky Mountain News Claims Obama Has Held Kenyan Citizenship Since 1963

The Rocky Mountain News ran a story this past week entitled, "Things You Might Not Know About Barack Obama." "Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship" is one of the items listed in the story. It's unclear who the source of this claim is. Note that Obama was born in 1961. Why 1963 if the citizenship is based on his father's Kenyan citizenship? Obama has never publicly acknowledged citizenship of any other country, although it has been widely speculated on the Internet. Most recently, an Internet investigative journalist alleged that Obama acquired Indonesian citizenship as a child when his step father adopted him. According to that Internet report, Obama's name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro after his step father adopted him and he was enrolled in a public school there as an Indonesian citizen. The Rocky Mountain News says this of the time the young Obama spent in Indonesia: "Spent four years in his stepfather’s native country of Indonesia."

Both the purported Kenyan citizenship and the alleged Indonesian citizenship cast doubt on Obama's eligibility to serve as president. Some legal scholars believe a person holding dual citizenship cannot be president of the United States. Moreover, Article II of the U.S. Constitution requires a candidate to be a "natural born" citizen. Dual citizenship is incompatible with this requirement. The mystery surrounding Obama's past is further clouded by expert opinions deeming a certificate of live birth produced by the Obama campaign as a forged document. An expert analysis concluded the birth certificate alleged to be Obama's was actually forged using a Hawaiian birth certificate issued to his sister, who was believed to have been born in Indonesia, adding further to the mystery.

UPDATE: The Rocky Mountain News retracted the assertion that Obama holds dual citizenship with Kenya. "One of the items on this list has been removed because it mistakenly repeated a report that Barack Obama holds dual United States-Kenyan citizenship," an editor's comment says. Andy Martin, author of "The Man Behind The Mask," maintains that Obama holds dual citizenship with Kenya in his book.


Wilson46201 said...

That horse has died! Stop flogging it!

Shofar said...

The cult of personality raises its head in the form of Wilson now.

The one thing that truly troubles me with the entire BO campaign is what legacy is it leaving for future politicians that happen to be black.

If BO implodes, is discredited, or in some other way ends up leaving the campaign, remember he is not the nominee yet, or if prior to the election he is discovered to have lied and tried to commit a fraud against the American people (the COLB issue still comes to mind) what will that do for the any other future black candidate wanting to run for POTUS?

Remember, approx. 74% of America is white, 14.8% Hispanic, 13.4% black, and the remainder is of varied racial/ethnic delineation.

Cannot the progressives/Dems see the possibility of a severe back lash? There are many qualified conservative blacks out there who would be fantastic candidates for the office of President. (There may even be a few progressives/Dems who knows)

BO needs to put to rest any and all allegations regarding whether he is qualified to run for POTUS under Article II of the US Constitution. It is vital for him to put to rest all the questions. His failure to provide positive proof of his eligibility is simply fueling and fanning the fires to discredit him. Let him show leadership and stop this divisive and dangerous trip that America is on.

Otherwise, if this blows up in his face, the next generation of potentially great black leadership will be saddled with the legacy of deceit.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

You libs only WISH that horse has died!

Some of us believe in the truth, where ever it takes us.

Oh, sorry, Mr. Clinton...I forgot...that's OLD news. The truth doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many Citizens have duel-Citizenship because of a parent or spouse born in Europe or Canada?

Do you know how many children, who have military parent(s), have duel citizenship because they were born overseas?

Fact is I know several….

Welcome to the new face of America…..

Gary R. Welsh said...

And your point, torin, is? The U.S. Constitution has not changed on this point. Otherwise, Gov. Schwarzenegger would be running for president.

artfuggins said...

Gary, you well know that the case of Obama and Schwarzenegger have nothing in common. Please tell us the policies and proposals that have made you a McCain fan.

Anonymous said...

Gary, just wondering about something. Do you have any opinions about the Governor's race, or has the lack of anything substantive about that on this blog mean that No Quarter has yet to write about it. Either way, Art is completely correct, you are willfully misreading the laws regarding citizenship in order to further this wild-eyed conspiracy. Technically I have dual citizenship in Germany (because of German law, not because of my own actions), but it doesn't matter because I don't hold a German passport, I've never served in the German military, nor have I voted in German elections. It's not worth my time to detail just how many ways you're wrong here, but I still must call b.s. when you insist on continuing this. Now, will you PLEASE talk about the governor's race? Pretty please? If you do, I promise I won't tell No Quarter that you're thinking for yourself.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The uncommon valor he exhibited in service to his country during 5 years of captivity in North Vietnam, his willingness to buck his own party at times, such as immigration reform and earmarks, to the detriment of his own political ambition and the unquestioned role he has brought on any number of issues of bringing two political exremes together in Congress, are just a few things I would cite, Art. Would you please identify a significant achievement of Barack Obama during his lifetime which qualifies him to be president? Please be specific, Art.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Applicable Kenyan statute:

"(2) Every person who, having been born outside Kenya, is on 11th December, 1963 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies or a British protected person shall, if his father becomes, or would but for his death have become, a citizen of Kenya by virtue of subsection (1), become a citizen on 12th December, 1963."

Obama's father was a Kenyan citizen by virtue of subsection (1) based on his birth in Kenya. There is no evidence Obama ever renounced his Kenyan citizenship. There has already been substantial evidence that Obama acquired Indonesian citizenship. New reports in the blogosphere raise the issue of Obama allegedly using an Indonesian passport in 1980 to travel to Pakistan. Still more mystery and unanswered questions about this man who would be president.

artfuggins said...

Please advise me:

[1] If a person is born as a result of a caesarian section, would that disqualify him/her from running for president, and

[2] if a person is born as a result of in vitro fertlization, would that prohibit them from running for president.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don't encourage me to write more about the governor's race. You won't like that either small question.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I knew you couldn't identify a single accomplishment for Obama, Art. Have fun with the naturalization issue now. You won't be laughing in a few weeks.

artfuggins said...

Gary, We all honor McCain for his military service to the country. There are many war heros who are not well rounded and informed enough to be president of the U.S. I am sure that you were saying that re: John Kerry. Your own party disparaged his war record. There are members of my family who were war heros but are not capable of being president. The other reasons you listed for supporting McCain may have applied in 2000 but no longer do as he not only does not buck his party but daily aligns himself more with the policies of Bush. He has changed on immigration, abortion, charter schools, and gay rights among others.

Barack Obama worked with Senator Lugar to get some meaningful ethics legislation passed. He also got some passed in your home state of Illinois. He was opposed to the Iraq war from the beginning. Now 80% of the country have that position. I support his full range of measures to alleviate our energy policy. It is not limited to drill, drill, drill. I like his approach to National Health Care. His belief that diplomacy should be used before charging into a war without the support of our allies. He believes that our military should be well equipped and trained and ready to deploy in the event that diplomacy does not work. He supported an increase in the minimum wage. He proposes a program to provide college aid to students willing to provide community service upon leaving college. He believes in supporting Israel. He believes in being a good father and fidelity in his marriage. He also believes that we have a responsiblity to our injured soldiers when they return home and voted to provide those services unlike McCain who did not.

If you want more, let me know.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Just as I thought, Art, you couldn't name a damn thing Obama has accomplished. Don't even suggest he was a big proponent of ethics legislation in the state legislature. Barack Obama, it will be shown, took a $120,000 bribe from a business, which was masked as payments for his alleged service as a general counsel. Obama, in turn, lobbied to get hundreds of thousands in grants for this business. Obama didn't even disclose his alleged general counsel role on his ethic's statement, which ethics experts agree violated the law. Similarly, Obama used Tony Rezko to purchase his million-dollar mansion. This allowed Obama to pocket several hundred thousand dollars from Rezko without declaring it as income on his tax return. Both of these offenses are prosecutable as felonies by the standards the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Patrick Fitzgerald, has applied in other public corruption cases, including the one against Rezko and the case against former Republican Gov. George Ryan. The position Obama took on the war was not as a member of the Senate at the time it was being debated. In the Senate, his position on Iraq has been less than one of resolve. Don't compare John Kerry's service to McCain's. Kerry was running around stating flat out falsehoods about his service in Vietnam. Those who served with him called him out on it and, thus, the term "swift boating" was born. McCain rarely talks about his service in Vietnam. Kerry wore it on his sleeve and it came back to bite him in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Gary, why do you assume that I "wouldn't like it" if you wrote about the governor's race? At least you'd be writing something original for a change. When you go on these Obama rants, my immediate reaction is to check No Quarter to see how many hours before your post did the exact same arguments pop up on their blog? Before you freak out, I'm not saying you plagarized or copied, but your blog has been reduced to a hysterical echo chamber the longer this election plods along.

As for your defense of McCain, it seems to be A) he was a POW and B) he'll go over "earmarks". Of course, "earmarks" only make up a very small percentage of our budget deficit, which currently stands at half a trillion dollars. In the absence of any tax increases, just how exactly will McCain balance the budget on cutting "earmarks" alone? I'd actually like to see THE list of the programs he is proposing be cut or eliminated. So far, he has not provided one.

As for immigration, McCain no longer supports the very reforms he originally proposed. That's because if he had continued to do so, there's no way he'd be the Republican nominee. Come to think of it, Gary, can you name a single major policy proposal where Bush actually differs from Bush?

Gary R. Welsh said...

small question, I just love it when someone being paid to blog propaganda stops by to tell me how to run my blog. Buzz off before I blow your cover.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I certainly am not telling you how to run your blog, I was just making an observation. Not to mention, it would be kind of nice to see you write about the governor's race once in a while. However, for the record, I'm certainly not being "paid" to blog anything for anybody. I check my bank account fairly regularly, and I certainly would have noticed a boost in my balance if that were the case. You must realize that people who disagree with you aren't necessarily on someone's payroll or motivated by some malicious intent.