Thursday, February 08, 2007

Buyer Returns To Work After Attending Super Bowl

U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer's recovery from knee surgery after a holiday skiing accident kept him away from his congressional work for a month on a medical leave of absence. Buyer was able, however, to attend last weekend's Super Bowl game in Miami, where he was spotted by folks hobbling around on crutches. "Washington, D.C., is not a conducive environment for people who are sick or have injuries," the AP quoting Buyer. "It's a fast lane." Buyer is now ready to return to work the AP reports.

Speaking of the Super Bowl game, the Star's editorial writers think the sweetheart ticket deal the Colts offered Indiana's elected officials "shows troubling coziness." The editors write:

In the euphoric aftermath of our state's greatest sports victory, it's kind of a downer to insinuate there might be strings attached to the prizes that wound up in the hands of 45 state legislators, U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, U.S. Reps. Dan Burton, Steve Buyer and Mike Pence, and at least five members of the Indianapolis City-County Council.

After all, isn't the subsidized stadium already safely under construction?

Well, yes, but friends help friends at all seasons of the year; and one never knows when new "opportunities" to help may arise. For example, unexpected costs for Lucas Oil Stadium have led to debate between state and local officials as to which level of government might have to take a hit for the (private, for-profit) team.

Then there's the brand-new Senate Bill 500, quickly approved by committee, through which the state would acquiesce to the National Football League's demand
for an exemption from the sales tax during the 2011 Super Bowl, should it be played here.

More helping opportunities, for more than one sports team with coveted tickets, will arise for elected officials as time goes on. So will opportunities to enjoy favors that are not presented to plain old voters. All perfectly legal, you understand. Yet, is it naïve to suggest that public servants might find it easier to think and feel on behalf of those voters if they pass up the goodies; or at least compete for them on the open market?

We're all Colts fans, but only some of us can be Colts friends. The latter need to ask themselves whose team they're playing for in real life.


Wilson46201 said...

Oddly enough, the Star story on Steve Buyer omitted mention of his less-than-stellar attendance record last year. What were his excuses back then?

I also find it ironic that Buyer was injured while indulging in an entertainment like skiing that is impossible in his very, very flat district.

Anonymous said...

And what are Rep. Carson's reasons for her less-than-stellar attendance record over the last several years? Could she not find the right pair of sweatpants to wear for the session that day, so she just didn't bother to show? Enlighten us, one wise one Wilson. Why don't you ask Bart if he'll let you run for mayor, you seem to always have all the answers.

Wilson46201 said...

BobStupak, try reading the newspaper and you will discover Ms. Carson has had several well-documented health problems affecting her attendance - she even was forbidden to fly per doctors orders.

She once raced from the Airport in her comfortable travel clothes to cast an important vote. As an elected legislator since 1972, she knows damn well the "dress-code" but she also knows that representing her constituents is more important than stuffy, ossified formalities. To some, a womans clothes are seemingly more important than her politics...

Anonymous said...

And it is apparent these health problems are keeping her from doing her duly-elected duties to her constituents. At least Rep. Buyer knew he couldn't work after surgery and took a medical leave. As far as her dress goes, its a professional environment, she should abide by the code as such. But, she thinks she is untouchable in Congress just like she does in Marion County. And how did she race from the Airport, in her "hoverround"?

Anonymous said...

Since the dumpster diver brought it up, let me tell you a little something about travel wear.

In a previous life I was a flight attendant and had several senators on my flights in and out of Washington. Hollings from SC (he and his wife were lovely), Santorum from PA (a very nice man) and Leahy from VT (he was very rude). All of these elected officials, including the ones I saw in the airport were well dressed.

It is no different if I travel for my company. I am representing them and must dress appropriately. These officials are representing the people and should show us they are proud to represent us.

Julia is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

OK, the manner in which the Congresswoman dresses is of little consequence to me, although she should exhibit a little more class sometimes.

Her voting record is ultra-important to me. When she's there, her voting is stellar, in my book.

But last year, she was third-worst in attendance, at 90-91%, according to the newspaper. Behind only Burton (golf) and Buyer (excused medical absence). The rest of the Indiana delegation was voting at 97-98%. She missed 50 or so votes in 2006. Not sure which ones they were, or if they were important, because under Republicans, the House sometimes voted on the time of day...they were prolific recorded-vote monsters.

But for the life of me, I remember no newspaper or electronic media stories about reasons for her absence. I do remember much speculation about her health, but few comments from her office. I remember zero about her excused medical absences.

I googled her name and medical, and got some speculative columnist and blog activity, and that was it.

Her office put out almost no press releases last year, and none about her excused medical absences or anything about her health.

So, Wilson, I'm puzzled...and this is the first doctor-ordered flying lapse I've ever heard of. By the by, it takes about ten hours to drive to DC...surely one of her entourage could've done that in the comfort of a luxury van or large auto, if she couldn't fly.

If she's unable to serve, she should step aside. If she occasionally shows up to vote in a jog suit, it's tacky, but I'd rahter she do that than miss a vote, House decorum be damned.

Sir Hailstone said...

Her voting record is ultra-important to me. When she's there, her voting is stellar, in my book.

If you're a seditious anti-American socialist that wants to disarm Amerika to favor the rule of a Stalinist then sure ... her voting record is stellar.

Wilson46201 said...

hailstone has been grumpy ever since his crowd lost in 1945 ... now that Pinochet kicked the bucket he's lost the last of his heros ...