Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Republican National Sweep Will Change Little

A lot of Republicans are excited about the Republican take-over of the Senate and an even large majority for the Republican-held House of Representatives. Why? The leadership in the House and Senate is expected to remain the same. House Speaker John Boehner is the poorest excuse for a leader I've even seen, and Mitch McConnell in the Senate isn't much better. Neither has the balls to stand up to King Obama's tyrannical rule, who will continue ruling by executive fiat with impunity, if they don't give him what he wants. Boehner and McConnell both talk a good game, but their actions speak louder than their words. Whether the Democrats or Republicans control Congress, their strings are pulled by the same Wall Street bankers and military/industrial complex determined to destroy America's middle class through cruel economic policies that transfer most of the wealth to the top 1% and the continued funding of faux enemies like ISIS in the Middle East and plagues in Africa as an excuse for military interventions aimed at controlling natural resources for the people who really control the people elected to Congress of both political parties. Getting elected to Congress is one of the quickest paths to becoming a multi-millionaire in this country. Have you ever asked why?


Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments completely. And you hit the target perfectly regarding Boehner/McConnell and their intrinsic weaknesses. They do not have the cojones nor the political acuity to go against King O. Very little will change... BO will not stop pushing his Marxist anti-Constitution agenda. BO continues the soft invasion of America while the RINO's continue to dither about sealing borders and the inanity of "immigration reform"....etc, etc, etc....

Anonymous said...

How do we get Recreational Marijuana on the ballot in this backwards-ass state?

Congratulations, Oregon, D.C. and Alaska. Their cops will now have to find something real to do.

The reason the Republican Party is dying, last night's old-people, election, notwithstanding, is that Republicans consistently oppose all forms of freedom. In Florida, as an example, the greatest opposition to marijuana came from conservative Republicans. In Oregon, the greatest opposition to marijuana came from conservative Republicans.

The Republicans will eventually be confined to Dixie and the unpopulated West.

Indiana is too far North to be such a stupid state.

MikeC said...

"How do we get Recreational Marijuana on the ballot in this backwards-ass state?"

Win some elections for starters.

Pete Boggs said...

Are Republicans aware that they have a mandate to repeal all things O'bola? Yesterday's election was an absolute rebuke of the faux-gressive agenda; not a proposal for working with the inflexible "other side."

RINOs have no place to hide- let's see their resumes in action; that leadership thing.

Senator Cruz acted & spoke like a leader, before having the advantage of any majority.

Anonymous said...

Mike, we need elections to do the right thing? What are you talking about?

How about I move to a real state, and everyone in the country can continue laughing at this redneck incursion into the North?

You can't even buy beer here on Sunday. What a joke of a state.

Pete, Cruz is a pro-Israel airhead who doesn't know what country he represents.

Flogger said...

There are some differences between Republicans and Democrats and the Wall Street Security-Military-Industrial Complex (WSMIC)will allow them slack in that regard such as Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Immigration, squabbles over Voting Rights, etc.

When the rubber hits the road the dedication of all but a few elected officials are to the Corporatist Agenda.

There was virtually nothing in this election about our Enduring Wars in the Middle East. In fact one of the more radical Web Sites I visit offered the opinion that an escalation in the Middle East Wars was put on hold until after the election. That report on CIA torture we have been waiting months for will be released but properly sanitized.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 9:23

"The reason the Republican Party is dying..."

Have you seen how the congressional map is changing since Obama was elected in 2008? The map is overwhelming Republican. The GOP controls most governships, most state legislative bodies, has a majority in the House (biggest GOP majority in last 70 years at least) and in the Senate. If the GOP is "dying" it is the most spectacularly successful death since the one that led to the resurrection.

Pointman said...

On the money Gary.

Paul, I love seeing that red map, too. But today's Republicans look like last decade's Clintonistas than Reagan Democrats.

The problem is the other side has a guy with balls and those of our team that do have been told by the RNC and the Rinos to sit down and shut up.

Anon9:23 / 2:49 - Your priorities are obviously screwed 6 ways from Sunday if grass and Sunday beer sales is all that matters - don't let the door hit you on the way out. At least you'll be numb when they march your arse into the global citizen slave pens.

Even if there were some balls in the R leadership it'll take 2 decades to undo this damage if it's even reparable in the first place. We're too long under the keynesian quackery.

Anonymous said...


Show me a map to Electoral College victory for the Republicans.

The Democrats have more interesting ideas than Republicans, but Obama didn't enact a damn thing he promised when he ran.

A Democrat who actually walks the walk will bury the right-wing pro-war Christian-conservative party.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have more interesting ideas and the excuse is that OBAMA didn't enact his promises??? Seriously? Are you kidding me?!?

Obama and the Democrats OWNED both Houses before 2010 and could have passed anything they really wanted enacted- think of Obamacare. Obama and his extremist Democrats lied, bribed, cajoled, and did everything they could to ram Obamacare down our throats.

Obama kept his word on every front in fundamentally transforming America to the nation's great detriment; he's trashed the Constitution, he's reduced our respect to zero around the world... you got what he promised, what's your beef?... under what rock has Anon 5:09 been hiding?

Anonymous said...

To your comments Gary I say:


Anonymous said...

"Your priorities are obviously screwed 6 ways from Sunday if grass and Sunday beer sales is all that matters"

If they're minor issues, just legalize them, so we can move onto what really matters.

Anonymous said...

"Obama kept his word on every front"

Bull. Obama made some interesting campaign promises in 2008 and has kept damn few of them.

The fatcats got bailed out under Obama; the banks kept all the mortgages, and Gitmo is still open.

That's just a few.

He was supposed to be transformative. He's just an establishment guy running the same elitist agenda. The Sandy Hook farce comes to mind.

"fundamentally transforming America to the nation's great detriment; he's trashed the Constitution, he's reduced our respect to zero around the world"

That was actually Bush with the phony 9/11 and lying us into two needless and immoral wars.