Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Thought About Priorities

On this day after their infamous vote to provide a $40 million public giveaway to one of their favorite pay-to-play contractors to build a high-rise luxury apartment building at the former Market Square Arena site, we would ask the 18 members of the Indianapolis City-County Council who voted for that theft of public assets to ponder this picture and ask themselves if there isn't perhaps a problem with their priorities. I believe this happened in the district of Councilor Jeff Miller, who has voted for every public giveaway that has come before the council during his first term on the council.


Anonymous said...

The people who run Indy see government as a means of transferring public money to private pockets. They see people like you as immature complainers who haven't figured out what the world is really all about and haven't figured out their own way to get rich.

People who think government is primarily for public service are thought naive children.

Unless you have your own racket going to get rich, you simply won't be respected.

Until lots of Indy powerbrokers and their soldiers get tossed into jail, the money transfer will continue.

What still puzzles me is the entire emphasis on downtown as the transfer conduit. Do these folks truly love downtown? Is there a homosexual bent amongst the powerbrokers? Or, are downtown projects merely the easiest way to sneak through public wealth transfers?

The powerbrokers hate the suburbs, and they were looking to hurt Plainfield by putting a jail on their doorstep.

Unknown said...

Mayor Marine: "Public Safety is Job ZERO."

Anonymous said...

To the City-County Councilors recklessly spending our tax dollars on waste:

1. This fire engine was going to a fire. It fell through the street. How many people have to die in fires for you to prioritize maintaining the streets?

2. Public Safety is far more important than a cricket field. It is more important that spending tax money on luxury condos. More important than the two new stadiums for two pro sports teams. It is more important than bike lanes. It is more important than building Indy Connect trains and bus lanes on the streets. Public Safety is life and death!

If we don't have enough police to send help to us or if (as your photo clearly shows us) police and fire cannot get to us in critical times, but the rich can go to a pro-sporting event in a luxury suite with catering thanks to our money there is something very wrong with priorities!

Eric Morris said...

I moved here nearly two years ago and lived downtown temporarily. The first thing I noticed about my new home were the pristine roads in the immediate vicinity of the empty sports stadia and the third world condition of the roads outside that ring of honor. And I thought I had left one-party corruption behind in Oregon!