Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hawaii Health Department Director Fingered In Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Lone Fatality In Airplane Crash

This has to be one of the most bizarre plane crashes. A small Cessna commuter plane carrying eight passengers and the pilot bound for Honolulu crashed off of Molokai's north shore in Hawaii late yesterday afternoon. Spotters initially reported finding eight passengers wearing lifevests in the water after one swam to shore, leading emergency response workers to believe everyone had survived the accident, including Hawaii's Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy and her deputy director, Keith Yamamoto. The pilot of the airplane drove himself to the hospital after being flown back to Oahu.

Hours after the crash officials reported that Fuddy had perished in the crash. Some private investigators researching holes in the biographical narrative of President Barack Obama had previously fingered Fuddy as playing a key role in the forging of Obama's birth certificate. Investigators for a Cold Case Posse established by Maricopa County Sheriff  Joe Arpaio in Arizona have been quietly meeting with some members of Congress in recent months sharing the findings of its investigation, which it claims provides irrefutable proof that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate had been forged. Her unusual death will only further ignite conspiracy theories advanced by those the mainstream media has derisively dubbed as "birthers." The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports on unusual circumstances of the plane crash that claimed Fuddy's life:
Sometime before 4 p.m., a Honolulu-bound Cessna Grand Caravan carrying eight passengers and the pilot crashed about a half-mile off Molokai's north shore after taking off from Kalaupapa, officials said.
Richard Schuman, president of Makani Kai, said a pilot flying over the crash site about half-mile offshore observed eight passengers in the water with life vests, he said.
Soon after the crash, Schuman said "initial indications" were that everyone made it out of the aircraft, but a Maui Fire Department spokesman later confirmed that there was one fatality.
Maui Fire Services Chief Lee Mainaga said three survivors were taken to Oahu, three went to Molokai General Hospital and two declined treatment and remained on Kalaupapa.
Honolulu Emergency Medical Services said paramedics took two people -- a 74-year-old female and a 39-year-old male -- in stable condition to an Oahu hospital at about 6:30 p.m. from Honolulu Airport. A third person was medavaced directly to an Oahu hospital.
Schuman said the pilot survived and called him after the crash. The pilot was flown to Oahu and drove himself to the Queen's Medical Center to be checked out, Schuman said.
He said the pilot was "very experienced" and previously worked for Aloha Airlines.
Schuman said the plane took off from Kalaupapa for Oahu at about 3:45 p.m.
Fuddy became acting health director in January, after the governor's original nominee, Dr. Neal Palafox, withdrew his name at Abercrombie's request in January 2011. Just after being appointed and confirmed as director, Fuddy was involved in the release of President Barack Obama's birth certificate, at the president's request, in April 2011.
Besides Fuddy, Health Department Deputy Director Keith Yamamoto was also on board.
Yamamoto, dressed in blue swim trunks and a T-shirt, was seen being driven away from Makani Air's Honolulu Airport headquarters at about 7 p.m. 
A Coast Guard official confirmed nine people were on board, that one person swam to shore and that rescue crews pulled the other eight out of the water, but he would not give any details on their conditions.
Crews from the Coast Guard and a Maui Fire Department helicopter responded, with the Coast Guard sending helicopters and C-130 aircraft.
MFD officials said the plane went down about a half-mile northwest of Kalaupapa and eight people were seen in the water with lifevests.
A Health Department spokeswoman confirmed Fuddy and Yamamoto were on the flight, and had said early this evening that the department had been told that both had survived.
However confirmation of Fuddy's death came after 8 p.m . . .


Anonymous said...

Three words: Frank Marshall Davis

The Birth Certificate is likely bunk, but not for the reasons most birthers offer.

Obama's an American, through and through, but daddy isn't who they've been saying it is.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I agree. It's all been about protecting a phony narrative that Bill Ayers helped manufacture for him.