Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stop The Propaganda Machine For Mass Transit, Please

All right, all right, we get it already. The Indianapolis Star thinks it knows better than anyone else and that our taxes should be raised once again--the umpteenth tax increase its editors have supported in recent years--to fund a multi-billion dollar metropolitan transit system that is neither prudent nor realistic for a low density metropolitan area like Indianapolis where 95% of the people are going to choose to commute by automobile no matter how much money is invested in mass transit. Your readers are getting sick and tired of your daily, repetitive propaganda machine promoting the mass transit legislative agenda--even to the point of deliberately lying to your readers about what the plan is all about. You have now stepped out of the role of a newspaper and become nothing more than a special interest group lobbying for an initiative whose proponents are able to pay you with our public tax dollars to promote their agenda. Since you have now assumed the role of a lobbyist, I expected the Star's management to march over to the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission and register as a lobbyist for the passage of the metropolitan transit system. If you want to act like a special interest group lobbying the legislature to pass legislation that financially benefits your newspaper, then play by the same rules everybody else is required to play by and comply with the rules for lobbying. Don't pretend to provide objective news reporting when clearly on this issue your only interest is to pine for a special interest group that is paying money to you to advocate their agenda.


Citizen Kane said...

It is really literally sickening; it just never ends - because propaganda works and truth does not matter.

Cato said...

Gary, for some sick reason, the libs hate automobiles. They want everyone sandwiched together in horrible high density housing in high density neighborhoods, all taking communal transit to and from their errands.

These guys would have been living it up in the Eastern Bloc, circa 1973.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Obviously you never have had to rely on public transportation to get from your home to your job.

Must be nice.