Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Star All Over Don Marsh Civil Trial: Nada On John Bales Public Corruption Case

The criminal trial that began in a federal district courtroom in South Bend last week involves a high-flying real estate developer with close ties to former Gov. Mitch Daniels who was awarded a sweetheart exclusive real estate brokerage agreement to act on behalf of the state and who is now on trial for defrauding taxpayers and lending institutions. The civil trial in Indianapolis that began this week involves a former business executive for a grocery store chain who stands accused of bilking its hedge fund owners out of several million dollars by billing the company for his personal indulgences. Guess which trial the Indianapolis Star is covering on its front page and which one it has yet to mention in its news pages or on its website? Yep, the Gannett-owned newspaper chose the story that "promises scandal with extramarital affairs" and "lavish spending." I don't know if the newspaper's editors prefer the story involving the defrauding of one of its major advertisers more, or just doesn't care to report on the rampant self-dealing and corruption that took place under its nose in state government during the past eight years. Either way, it doesn't say much about the newspaper's priorities or its respect for its readers that it chooses to report on Don Marsh's personal foibles instead of John Bales' scheming to defraud taxpayers.

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