Wednesday, February 03, 2010

McAtee Under Fire For Contributions To Sheriff Frank Anderson

Republican sheriff's candidate, Bart McAtee, is under fire by Republicans for contributions he made to Democratic Sheriff Frank Anderson. McAtee, son of former Sheriff Joe McAtee, has been facing tough questions from Republican precinct committeepersons about his loyalty to the party. Campaign finance records indicate he donated $2,500 to Anderson's campaign committee. His father endorsed Anderson in the 2002 sheriff's race after narrowly losing the Republican primary to former Lawrence Mayor Tom Schneider after a very tough and negative primary race. Joe later got a job with the sheriff's office and Bart got a promotion. Bart gives an unguarded response to a question at a recent Republican gathering in the video clip above. Acknowledging his contributions to Anderson, McAtee said it was the least he could do after Anderson gave him a promotion and a 40% pay raise. Ouch! So that's how business is conducted. McAtee is vying for the party's slating against IMPD Sgt. Dennis Fishburn and former sheriff's deputy Steve Davis, the unsuccessful Republican candidate for sheriff in 2006.


Indy4U2C said...

The "McAtee way": Quid pro quo, you pay my campaign and the taxpayers pay you back....

I'm sorry but I cannot support a candidate who looks at elected office as a chance for paybacks or personal wealth.

I wonder if McAtee went to the same School of Elected Officials as Rod Blagojevich???

Concerned Taxpayer said... act like you're surprised at this!
Welcome to Indiana politics at its finest!

Marycatherine Barton said...

In the not too distant past, Andy Jacobs understandably referred to campaign contributions, as legalized bribery.

Bill said...

Wow, when did Jason Fishburn's dad send you this video from his cell phone? You know damn well that no cameras were allowed in that room

I really thought that you were above this crap, I should have known better.You took one little sound/video bite and made it the whole topic. Didn't Fishburn send you his video?

By the way, you lied, it was not $2,500 , it's $250

Talk about a set up. Very Cheap shot. You should be ashamed of yourself for shilling for Scott Newman and Jason Fishburns dad.

You are far better than this.

You have now lowered yourself to the level of Tom John

Advance Indiana said...

Dennis Fishburn's campaign did not furnish me the video clip. Bart should be more guarded with his comments during meetings of this sort. The voters have a right to hear what he had to say about it. On the campaign finance figures, a reliable source combed through all of the old records and tabulated that amount.

Kathy said...

May I ask what shilling for Scott Newman nmeans?

The reason I ask is because I heard a little rumo about Scott being involved in some type of alleged business dealing with Brizzi, Durham AND Plowman and a $10M defaulted note. If you know the details could you please enlighten the rest of us.


FrankAndersonKerryForestalBartPetersonButtPlugs said...

No he is correct......Bart contributed a total of $2,500. Look at the finance reports. It is in black and white. And since when is it stooping to show a video of a guy confessing something? He said it...or you said man up to it. Bart is a traitor!